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Scary Coupons for Farrell’s!

Scary Coupons for Farrell's!

We are ready for Halloween. We’ve got our costumes and buckets ready to be filled with candy. Are you?  Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant is ready for Halloween too!  They actually want you to see how ready they are for Halloween by offering these scary coupons for you to enjoy at one of the many locations scattered all throughout SoCal! Enjoy! This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I share these coupons with {Read More}

A Visit to Ayres Hotel and #ChocWalk

Image Courtesy of Ayres Hotel. All rights reserved.

If you’re planning a visit to Southern California and you’re looking for a hotel that is close to shops, theme parks and freeways, then look no further than the AYRES HOTEL in the city of ORANGE. I know when you’re traveling it’s hard to look for a hotel that is clean, safe and reliable.  Especially when you’re traveling with children. The holiday season is soon upon us and booking a hotel early enough is key when making sure you have the {Read More}

Let’s Go To Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor!

Visit Queen Mary's Dark Harbor!

If you’re looking for a scary, freak-me-out Halloween event, you have GOT to check out Dark Harbor at The Queen Mary in Long Beach. I’ve been to this iconic place several times in my lifetime and while it’s always been a pleasant one, this was by far the BEST visit EVER. So, what is Dark Harbor? Dark Harbor brings the real haunted history of The Queen Mary to life, offering an unforgettable, authentically frightening experience. This annual event kicks off {Read More}

#OneConversation with your Familia


This post is made possible by support from the We Can Stop HIV One Conversation at a Time campaign. All opinions are my own. HIV. Do you remember when you first heard of this disease? It was in the 80’s for me. I was still young to comprehend the impact AIDS has had on the world. I remember being scared.  Because of my cardiac issues, I had annual doctor visits and in my young mind, I was super careful and {Read More}

Read Conmigo is Looking for Latino Authors

Read Conmigo Logo Redesign Final

This is a paid post with Read Conmigo through Latina Bloggers Connect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Promoting what I love is essential for Family is Familia. It’s the part of writing for the blog that I truly enjoy. Other than product reviews and events, sharing what I care most about (besides my familia) is what makes me want to share with all of you, everything I know and care about. This is why I can’t stress enough {Read More}

A Bag of Bones for Halloween

Bag of Bones by Cheetos

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cheetos. Pumpkins, googly eyes and fake vampire teeth. Are you ready for Halloween? This past week, we got into the Halloween spirit by attending several Halloween events and by now, I can tell you that we are SO ready for October 31. This is the most fun time for me. I get to shop for costumes for the kids and the change in scenery at the stores is such {Read More}

Neutrogena Pore Refining Line for You!

Pore Refining Line for You!

This is a paid post through Neutrogena. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I have to confess that this is my constant, dreaded affliction.  I think I have great skin. I don’t have bad acne. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t have any, just thank goodness that it’s not that bad. But oh boy!!! When it comes to pores? Ugh, I fail miserably!  Well, what can I say? What can we all say? Es la ley de la {Read More}

Celebrating Mini Milestones with Netflix

Celebrating Mini Milestones with Netflix

For the past 4 days, I’ve been home with my daughter celebrating a milestone. It’s a certain milestone that I wish didn’t happen.  See, we can accept milestones for what they are or celebrate them for what they really are. Let me explain.  My daughter injured her ankle last Monday. For the first time in her short 7 years of life, I had to take her to the ER. In the 16 years that I’ve been a mother, I’ve never {Read More}

Knott’s #ScaryFarm 2014


My heart is finally getting back to normal and my legs are not as sore anymore. Last Saturday, we made a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm for Knott’s #ScaryFarm 2014.  This is one event that I look forward to every single year.  It’s all fun and games, and like I’ve mentioned before, it’s always a blast when you go with the right “open-minded” people. The Scary Details: Dates: October 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, {Read More}

Cooking with Chef Merito


Once upon a time, 17 years ago, I was introduced to a product that would change my married life forever. As a newlywed who could hardly get a pot of water to boil, my mom told me about an easy-peasy recipe that until this day, I still use. It was the best cooking I did as a new wife. Chicken Fajitas.  Unfortunately, I totally bombed the rice, but my main dish was super delicious. Even the veggies were finger licking {Read More}

Use Kidecals to Keep School Stuff Organized

Use Kidecals to Keep School Stuff Organized

Three weeks into the school year and stuff is scattered EVERYWHERE. And the worse this is that I tend to buy the little ones’ school stuff separate. Different colors, different patterns- everything has to be different with these two because they fight over the silliest stuff! Well, I tried my best to keep their stuff separate and organized. All that is out the window. Like I said, their stuff is everywhere now. The only thing that is preventing WW3 is {Read More}

FamilyFun’s Treats for Halloween

FamilyFun's Treats for Halloween - FamilyisFamilia

If you’re already planning for this year’s Halloween party, check out these fun recipes from FamilyFun!  These are super adorable and somewhat easy to make. Especially if you’re the crafty in the kitchen kind of person. Would you believe I’ve never hosted a Halloween event. We’ve always been out trick-or-treating or at Hallelujah night at church.  But, this year at school, my daughter is finally in a class that doesn’t have students with allergies, so I am tempted to try {Read More}

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