Growing up Latina- Part 2

Growing up Latina. It is my way of life.   If you haven’t read part one check it out here.

For part 2, I will focus on dichos. Sure there are many sites out there that posts all sorts of dichos, but every Latino household has their share of dichos.  I will share mine.  Sale Vale?

I’m sure you’ve all heard this one. Remember, these all came from my mom.

“Puedes matar dos pájaros con una piedra”

“Es mejor tener un pájaro en la mano y no ver 100 volando”

Yeah.  I know madre, but I want to do it my way.  Right, cuz my way IS the right way!

When you don’t want to eat:

“Lo que no quiere ni pedro ni juan, aquí estan que a todo comen, Señor Capitán”

“Hoy hay quien te de y quien te ruegue. mañana, no va aver quien te de, mucho menos quien te ruegue”

Si, pero I think 4 Tamales and a bowl of Menudo are more than enough, que no?

When in my younger years, and some random guy me echaba ojo, or they would call her “suegra”

“Estas pulgas, no brincan en tu tapete”

Yeah… I don’t know what to say about that! Another great post on dichos comes from Carrie from Tiki Tiki.

So, I’ll leave y’all with my personal favorite dicho.  One that gets me every time my mother tells me it….

“Bueno pues, tambien te gusta el pedo, y el olor de los calzones”

Just typing it up makes me **roll my eyes**

What are some of your favorite Dichos?


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  1. Aracely-daytrippingmom says

    dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres! lmno! I heard this up until I got married..
    but my favorite one is this one about men that live off women/vividores…
    Esta como Angulo con casa, comida y c$lo! LMNO!

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