“Rethink What Freedom Feels Like”

It's Friday! Whoo Hoo! Remember that on Rethink What Matters, there is another great survey to take and another chance to win some bareMinerals goodies.  This week they will focus on the Environment.  Go take the survey and see how your answers compare to others!  Remember,  anyone who enters at Continue Reading

A shower~ “Mexican Style”

Our shower head broke on Sunday,  so my husband has been taking a shower/bath "Mexican" style, or as my tia would say, "Estilo Durango".  I have been taking the kids to my mom's house to take their baths,  me included. There is no way in HELL, I would take a bath, "Estilo Durango" , here in the Continue Reading

A few more white hairs!


911 operator: 911, what is your emergency? Me: I can't find my son, I can't find him! 911 operator: When was the last time you saw him? Me: My brother-in-law said he saw him about 15 minutes ago. 911 operator: Whats your address? I gave her the address From the background I hear Continue Reading

Give Kids A Smile

Present to you and your family.... All kids 1-14 are welcomed! Free Screening Free Cleaning Free Sealants Free toothbrush and prize giveaway!   Best of all no insurance is needed!    AWESOME!! Continue Reading

Konami Games

Konami has sent me information on 2 games, and I thought I would share them with you. First is Foto Showdown for the Nintendo DSi™. Foto Showdown allows players to take photos with the DSi camera, which uses advanced color recognition to spawn monsters based on the dominant colors in those Continue Reading

Bare Escentuals introduces RETHINK WHAT MATTERS

Bare Escentuals, the mineral makeup pioneer, invites you to shake up that foundation and sound off on topics that are more than just skin-deep with their new campaign, Rethink What Matters.  Born from employees rethinking makeup itself- the beauty brand found looking good is not about using Continue Reading