Back to School with Walmart! {Giveaway}

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Little by little we are starting to leave “summer” behind us and are rolling full steam ahead into la escuela!  I can’t wait.  Actually, B2S shopping is my favorite time to shop for the kids. Although we have been on a tight budget since I have stopped working, we have always managed to get what we need.  Which is different from what we or the kids want.  Know what I mean?

Before our move to el OC, my eldest wore uniforms.  I will be perfectly honest now… I loved that.  It was so simple to shop.  Here was our list (clothing wise):

3 khaki pants, 3 Navy blue pants, 3 navy blue shorts,

3 white collar tops, 3 navy blue collar tops

That’s it.  One pair of shoes to top that off.  See how simple that was?  Easy.  Cheap and totally economical!

Not only do we have to shop for a Jr. Higher, we now also have a 1st grader.  That’s 2 separate wardrobes. Imagine next year when my nena starts Kindergarten?!?

Did you know that according to recent research by PriceGrabber’s Back-to-School Shopping Forecast , more than half of moms will spend about the same on back-to-school shopping this year with a third of moms spending less. I will be spending about the same for my 8th grader and a little more on my 1st grader.

To ensure that us moms, stay within our back-to-school budgets, Walmart’s every day low price is backed by an ad match policy.

With ad match, Walmart will match any local competitor’s advertised price for the same product, right at the register.

This year, Walmart is making back-to-school shopping even easier with new store improvements. Back-to-school items are now organized, both in stores and online, in one place and categorized by school age group, so families can quickly and easily shop supplies appropriate for their child’s grade. Many of the most common school supply list items are located down the center of the back-to-school aisle allowing families to quickly check these items off their list.

For those who prefer to shop online, offers free shipping to home on a broad assortment of back-to-school essentials and more.

From uniforms, socks and a clean drawers full of new chonies, to crayons to pencils (which start at 94 cents for a 24 ct), Backpacks and Laptops, Walmart is your one stop store for all you B2S needs!  Gotta love Walmart!

For additional back-to-school information including sample shopping lists, back-to-school bundles, tips on hassle-free mornings as well as study tips for new students, please visit

I have teamed up with Walmart to get you started off on your B2S shopping. I have a nice giveaway!  I have (1) $50 gift card for a lucky winner! Here is what you have to do:

  • In a comment, tell me what is your MUST HAVE school supply this year.

I’ll start.  Mine would have to be pencils.  Yes, boring #2 pencils.  Want to know why?  Because whenever I need a stinking lápiz… I never find one!  Gotta have my secret stash of pencils. (:

Here is your extra entry:

Tweet this: Win a $50 gift card for school supplies with @Walmart and @Thoughtsofamomy! Enter now:   #Giveaway

Remember, you can always check out my Extra Entries page on the nav bar for more chances to win.

Giveaway ends Friday, August 19 at 12 noon(pst). Void where prohibited. (1) winner will be selected using Random (dot) org, and notified through email.  Must be 18 years or older to participate. By entering the giveaway, you give me permission to send your info (if you should win) to the sponsoring company, who will ship the prize to you. Winner has 3 days to respond before I select another winner.  Entries/Comments that do not follow the submission guidelines will not be counted.

Good Luck!


This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received nothing for this post.  Just sharing and caring!  I love my readers! (:

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  1. Mami2jcn says

    I shared on FB with my username Mary Happymommy–

  2. Ann F says

    I have to buy a LOT of glue sticks for my daughter’s back to school supplies. (I don’t know what she does with them all!)

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  3. Margaret Smith says

    Ours would be a number of 1″ binders. Each of my children are being asked to bring in binders for almost each subject.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Dee says

    Our must-have school supply is not really a school supply after all, but rather a snack supply — goldfish crackers.

  5. says

    One must…. new underwear and socks… trying to be good about my spending this back to school… but definitely can’t go without new chonies for the kids ( :

  6. Geoff K says

    With so many assignments and projects done on computers now, my must-have back-to-school item this year will be a flash drive or thumb drive for saving files and documents. Thanks!

    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  7. Crystal F says

    I would have to say a good binder. My daughter has to keep up with a ton of stuff this year so this is a must. Thank you!

  8. Roxie A. says

    Where to begin! My daughter needs so much now that school have so many budget cuts! The list is so long that I guess I’ll go with one that is the most fun to buy….a super cool lunch box!!:)


  9. Pauline M says

    I have one more item left to get for this year and it’s a flash drive for my 8th grader. I’ve been looking for something easy to remember like a keychain or bracelet so I won’t have to keep replacing it (yes, I know this from experience!)

  10. Ashley says

    so, I’m homeschooling this year, which makes my list just a tad bit longer :), but my must have school supply is……food coloring!!!! I use it for so many different projects, activities, etc. We make our own paint, as well as do shaving cream writing mixed with a drop of food coloring for fun. Anyway, I’m always running out of it, so I guess it must be my #1 supply.

  11. Trista Sarasin says

    Our must haves is everything on the list that the school wants us to buy. It ranges from crayons, markers to hand sanitizer. Back to school is very overwhelming when you have a large family :)

  12. Nisha says

    My number one back to school supply are folders! lose papers that always get lost are so annoying come test time. The best part? me and my daughter use them!

  13. Shayna Dowdy says

    I am a Creative Advertising student, so personally, I can’t go to class without a boat load of Sharpies. Of all sizes and colors. I particularly love the fine point Sharpie pens. However, it is my nephew that really needs some school supplies! I’d love to be able to help out my brother and his wife by giving them a Walmart gift card to help out with school expenses!

  14. Amber says

    My must-have school supply is spiral bound notebooks – they are lifesavers and the kids go through them so quickly!

  15. Candace says

    My must have for my son is clothes and shoes. This is something we have been working on finding on sale on a regular basis, but on our budget always seems to take a decent amount of time.

  16. Maureen says

    A good small pencil sharpener! The best for students to have, so they can sharpen pencils and not disturb the rest of the class! Many teachers will not let them sharpen pencils during a lesson. Good to have.

  17. Angie S. says

    My son needs pencils. He is always losing them and never has them when he needs one for homework.

  18. Kathryn Ward says

    My must have back to school supply this year is a new laptop! I just graduated college with my undergraduate degree and am starting graduate school in a few weeks. My laptop broke in December and is unrepairable so I NEED to buy a new one for this school year!

  19. Christine Aguilar says

    Electic pencil sharpener… Finding a pencil at our house is never a problem, it’s finding a way to sharpen it that always stumps us!

  20. Jennifer C says

    Crayola washable markers are always on my BTS list. Every year on the last day of school, my kids come home with 3 markers left out of the pack of 8-10. Where do the others go?

    jenswps at yahoo . com

  21. cheryl says

    Clothing Much Needed For back to school for a few kids i sponser through a wish foundation(can be verified).

  22. Amy Pelham says

    I always need the under garments!! Socks, panties and bras! I feel like they’re always going missing/ruined by my dryer.

  23. Ana Gonzalez says

    I’m a college student and this year I need my stash of pens and notebooks. They are a must have if I want to keep up with my notes.

  24. Laura gripentrog says

    My daughter was required to have a 3 ” mead binder with zipper that was sooo hard to find!

  25. Jennifer says

    It’s amazing what a 4th grader needs for school! crayons, markers, pencils, folders, notebooks, loose paper, ruler, pencil box, gym shoes, art shirt, colored pencils, red pens, kleenex, hand wipes, the list goes on and on and on.

  26. Tommy B says

    a Backpack or two. I do not know what those kids do to these things during 7:30am and 2:20pm but they always end up going through at least two each year.

  27. Amanda Mulford says

    Uniforms!!! We are starting a new school with uniforms this year and really need to get some!

  28. sebrina maae says

    my absolute need: shoes! HAHA! i have 4 kids ages 2, 4, 6, 8 & the middle kids are boys. dont know what it is but these two go through shoes like every month (if i’m lucky) LOL! I could use some help with this. EVER SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS GIVEAWAY

  29. Marjorie Metzer says

    Our must have is looose leaf paper…year round! My daughter is a budding playwright and though it is a school supply we go through a ton of it year round with all her writing!

  30. Sandy Brown says

    I have to agree pencils are a desperate need. can never find one when I need one. preferably with an eraser on the end.

  31. misty lipps says

    my must have school supply is paper. With 2 in high school and 1 in middle school we go through ALOT of paper!

  32. Susan Ladd says

    I need papaer, folders, pens, crayons and more. Thanks for the great sweep and hope to win :)

  33. Lynda E. says

    My son needs a graphing calculator for one of his math classes – can’t remember which one!

  34. Denise B. says

    We homeschool, so we usually need to pick up pencils and erasers now and then. Other items, less often.

  35. katfam says

    My son is supposed to bring a calculator, which is a little different than the usual pens, paper, etc.

  36. michelle says

    it would definitely be a planner with pens, so many places and so many things with so little time!

  37. says

    LOl @ must have everything is the school supply section if you ask my kids!! Great Giveaway! To me my must have its whatever the teacher has on her list, clothes, shoes and a new backpack!

  38. Gayle C says

    The must-have item here is printer paper and lots of it. And printer ink too. Like water, I’m telling ya.


  39. Cody says

    Definately a new laptop since I’m still using one I bought new in 2004!


  40. Jill Myrick says

    Our must have school supply is composition book. Lots and lots of composition books as my children go through them quickly.


  41. Katharina says

    Our must-have school supply for this year is printer paper… tons of printer paper. :-) Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  42. Diana Russell says

    Must have for school this year – a PLANNER for me! I’m using it to keep organized and keep track better! :)

    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  43. Jennifer C says

    We always need markers. My kids seem to go through at least 2 packs of markers per kid. They only ever end up bringing back 3 markers at the end of the school year.

  44. Sassy says

    Must have would be backpacks because my daughter always has such a fun time finding her backpack that makes it special for her

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  45. Cindy M says

    My Grand Daughter MUST (lol) have a purple backpack. Walmart does have a couple to choose from.

  46. Elizabeth says

    Must have items is a backpack for my daughter! This is her first year to need one, and I’m so excited!

  47. HappyHippie says

    A new insulated lunch bag, since my son seems to have left part of his lunch from last year in his. Eeeeew!

  48. Jen Harriman says

    we are always searching for a pencil or pencil sharpener because when we DO have a pencil its always broken! lol

  49. Diane Baum says

    Notebooks, index cards, pencils, pens ruler pencil sharpener, a red pencil and a box of kleenex

  50. Steve H. says

    I would buy some jeans for my daughter. I was laid off 2 weeks ago and this win would really help me out clothing my daughter for school.

  51. Alison T. says

    My must have is loose leaf paper. I need to fill up my notebooks.

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

  52. Debra F says

    I need to get binders, spiral notebooks, ziploc bags and tissues for back to school supplies. Both of my boys don’t have many clothes that still fit them from last year, so new wardrobes will be needed too!

  53. shirley pebbles says

    Must have school supply this year is a new computer. Ours is just too old and can’t keep up with the demands the kids have from school.

  54. Joanne says

    The must have school supply needs in my home are 3 ring binders. My daughter goes to early college and she is always needing another one.

  55. Daniel S. says

    Must have school supplies include: folders, pencils, pens, markers. i dont know how kids lose so many pens/pencils.

  56. Theresa says

    Crayons. We must always have crayons to start the year and then some extra as the teacher is always requestion more mid year. I don’t know what those kids are doing with all those crayons, I just know I send in a ton of them!

  57. AEKZ2 says

    Can you believe that 30 glue sticks were listed on my daughter’s kindergarten supply list?!

  58. Penny W says

    Must have school supply this year is a backpack! Little man wore his out last year!

    pkbw28 at gmail dot com

  59. ferriz says

    mechanical bic pencils. i keep losing them but they are a must have!


  60. Wendy McBride says

    Must have Mechanical pencils also…they have to be Bic…the best!!!

    wendym at cableone dot net

  61. Morgan Helland says

    I always run out of paper, whether it be printer paper, lined paper, construction paper. I never seem to buy enough.

  62. brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…our must have BTS item this year is a graphing calculator !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  63. April V. says

    Well I’m no longer in school but I despise writing with black ink pens and much prefer blue ink so I always remembered to get blue ink before school.

  64. Toni Marie Caravello says

    Must have school supply is a 5 subject notebook. Carrying one notebook around for 5 subjects is easier to remember than 5 separate books for each subject. It’s also lighter than 5 books and cheaper.

    reannenny at aol

  65. says

    My must have is notebooks. I love having notebooks around to make lists in and write down important things so they don’t end up on a scrap paper, and thrown in the trash.

  66. Jennifer R says

    We had to have a large assortment of art items since we school at home this year. My kids love art. reejen at comcast dot net

  67. kathy pease says

    my son really wants a pair of kg3 kevin garnet basketball shoes he is a huge fan so im going to get him a pair

  68. Amy says

    My must have school supply is folders. The kids bring homework and school papers home all the time. These folders get worn out so quickly from all the papers.

  69. Michelle Cain says

    My Must-Have school supply is a backpack with cushioned support! Something that will not dig into the shoulders and cause lower back pain. And something that will cushion the back from all the books inside!!

  70. brittney says

    crayons and construction paper. my daughter is only in prek
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  71. Cassie says

    Erasers! Both pencil toppers and big ones. People always seem to forget them but you always need them.

  72. T Rudd says

    Our list includes
    – 2 5 folder notebooks
    – pens and pencils
    – 2 calculators
    – 4 outfits for each 2 children
    – pencil sharpener
    – 2 backpacks
    … And the list goes on