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Let's Eat!

Fun with Candy!

This past Thanksgiving we celebrated in style.  My mom cooked a grand dinner and we all had a great time.

I don’t know what hit me this year but I was really in a festive mood.  I was recently presented with a fabulous idea for centerpieces and…. well…. check it out:

Yes, I did that!  I am super proud of myself!  It was hard on my back, but I had a great time putting it all together.    I don’t consider myself crafty or a whiz in the kitchen.  Whenever I see candy… I eat it. Simple as that.  This Fall, Wrigley has teamed up with “Sweets Stylist” Amy Atlas, who is an entertaining expert, baking and crafting stylist, and is internationally recognized for creating the stylized dessert bar trend.   Have you been to her site?  I’m almost embarrassed to post my rink-dinky candy corn.  He he he.

This is where I got the idea.

Amy’s dessert bar creations have inspired many to create their own dessert displays at home, or for others—and the best part is, you don’t have to be an expert stylist to create these unique projects.

These recipes that Amy developed use some of Wrigley’s most-loved gums and candies.  Although this called for the actual corn to be a sugar cookie, I used cardboard.   I simply didn’t have the time to get the cookie dough. Still, I think it looks pretty good, no?

Want to give it a try?  Click here for instructions in English.  Here is the corn template.

¿Quieres hacerlo?



This is not a paid post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was provided with candy to make my masterpieces.  ;0)

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