Familia Insider: Week 2

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Hola familia!

Week 2 of our weekly series. How’s everyone doing?  We’ve been well! Trying to keep the kids busy. For me, it’s always a struggle, but we manage to find stuff to do. How are you keeping busy?

Movies in the Park!

Familia Insider: Week 2

This past week, our city started its annual Movies in the Park. Last year was our first year of doing this and let me tell you, it’s so much fun! They feature family-friendly movies and it’s all free. Does your local park have this?  The kids and I usually bring snacks from home, our lawn chairs and sweaters. At times it feels like the whole city comes out to watch a movie under the stars. If your city hosts these kinds of events, you and your kids should check it out!

Let’s Go Dodgers!

Familia Insider: Week 2

This past week, we also went to a baseball game. We rarely go to baseball games. Unfortunately, we’re just not that into sports.  I say this every single time someone asks me about sports, but when we go to a game, and really enjoy our time there, I get into the sport spirit and I end up wanting to go back. We went to Dodger stadium to have some fun at America’s favorite pastime. And it was FUN! My kids were into it! We ate and ate and ate! Did the stadium wave and left after our rendition of Take me out to the Ballgame.

I’m a new Discovery Cube Mom Ambassador!

Familia Insider: Week 2

This past week, other mom bloggers and I announced a brand new ambassadorship with an amazing science museum. Discovery Cube, in Orange County, is the perfect place to spend those lazy, summer days with the kids. Us parents know that the kids are learning something new and excited, but the kids think they are there, just to have fun. It truly is a great place and I can’t wait to share more with you.

Time to Go Shopping!

We still have time before school starts again, but little by little, but today we’re starting to shop for Back-to-School. This we we don’t get hit hard by shopping all at one. Every school year we buy the kids new socks and chonies. We also shop for new clothes and shoes. The kids are begging for a new backpack, but my policy is one new backpack, every other year. The ones they have now are perfectly capable of handling another school year.  When do you start shopping for back-to-school?

That’s it for this week! You can read last week’s update here. Also, follow FAMILYISFAMILIA on Instagram and SnapChat!

What’s going on with your familia? Did you do anything fun last week? Let’s chat!

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    We’re the same about sports! And I’ve been thinking of starting BTS shopping, but am gonna wait for tax free week in early August.

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