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Bonding over Cooking Shows on Netflix #StreamTeam


There are certain shows on Netflix that brings us together as a family. It’s very easy for my husband and I to sit together and watch a show or movie, but when it comes to having the kids join us, that is another story.  When the kids are super bored, I’ve tried (and succeeded) to make them watch a movie from the past. A movie that I’ve grown up watching and has since become a classic. The whining and grumpy faces they make when they walk to the couch is entertaining, to say the least, but when I see then immersed in the storyline, it fills my heart with love. Well, those are movies and although I’m glad to see the kids enjoying them over and over again, I like to see them bond over something else.

My son and daughter love each other. That’s for sure, but they also fight and bicker over every single thing that comes their way. But when it comes to bonding with each other, over sabotages, oh man! It is fun to watch!

Bonding over Cooking Shows on Netflix

Cutthroat Kitchen is our current obsession right now.

We binged on seasons 1 and 2 and waited impatiently for the rest of the seasons. My kids try to guess what the sabotages are, how much money each contestant will spend, cringe at certain sabotages, yell at the judge for kicking out the perfect chef and they rejoice with each winner and their winnings.  It’s so much fun to see them together, happy and rooting for the same team (well, sometimes!).

This month we celebrated National Siblings Day. When you have 3 kids, it seems EVERY DAY is National Siblings Day and that’s the way I like it. Check out these other shows you and your siblings or your kids can enjoy!

Bonding over Cooking Shows on Netflix

Bonding over Cooking Shows on Netflix

Bonding over Cooking Shows on Netflix

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This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As a proud Netflix #StreamTeam member, I share this story with you. All images courtesy of Netflix. All rights reserved.


Liz Cerezo

Liz is a Mexican-American blogger living in Southern California. Married 19 years, and a mami to 3 kids, her content is inspired from living in and raising a multicultural familia. Liz has been blogging for more than 7 years, establishing herself as a nationally recognized Latina blogger. She often blogs in Spanglish and may throw in some Tagalog when talking about her hubby. You can also find her chit chatting away at @Liz_Cerezo on Twitter!

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