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A Mirror Mirror interview with Lily Collins

When you hear the phrase “Mirror Mirror” what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, correct?  We all know the famous fairy tale.  I’ve lost count in the number of times I have read the story to my daughter.  It’s a countless story that has been told from generation to generation. During the Mirror Mirror press trip last month,  we had the delightful Lily Collins in our presence.  She sat with us for {Read More}

So Proud…

We just got report cards last week and once again we were blown away by our first grader. I am so proud of him.  Despite having missed many days of school due to his asthma, my son is doing fantastic in school. Way to go, Papi!

Celebrate Easter with Nestlé {Giveaway}

Can you believe Easter is almost here?  This is the tricky part about Easter.  Sometimes it’s in March, other times in April.  Just so that you know, this year it falls on Sunday, April 8. Do you have plans already?  Last year we combined Easter with my son’s birthday and it rained.  Still, we had a great time with my soggy family. What do you do for Easter? Food is always a big part of any celebration.  When it comes {Read More}

Free Stroller at CVS/pharmacy

As a young parent, there is no worse feeling in the world than being caught without a stroller.  This happened to us a few times with our eldest.  I remember one time, we were at the outlets and lo and behold- we didn’t have a stroller. We were far from home and with the sweetest 2 year old staring at us with the look in his eyes, hoping that we wouldn’t make him walk the whole time we were at {Read More}

Lack of motivation…

What is it about teenagers and the lack of motivation? Why is it that my teenager just doesn’t get with it?   There has to be other parents going through this. I can’t be the only one, right? When it comes to talking about school and his future, I get the lamest excuses and blank stares.  I hate that.  My son is about to enter high school and his way of thinking has to change. For his sake and mine!

Better teeth, better smiles, better health! {Giveaway}

This is an update on our oral care challenge.  I told you about the oral care challenge my family and I have taken up.  We have steadily been making changes to better our oral care.  Especially with the kids. The little ones took on the challenge head on. I think they’re still in that stage where something different is fun.   They really kept me on my toes. Which is good!  They were the ones who were telling me what to {Read More}

It’s not always the case…

This morning as I was snooping around on facebook I noticed a friend’s announcement for a casting call.  A certain production company is seeking a diverse family for a new show. As I keep reading the requirements, I came across this note: We are seeking diverse families with an array of dynamic personalities, real drama, and a penchant for hilarious comic relief. Despite the dynamics, differences and dramas, love and acceptance conquer all in the true definition of a real {Read More}

Free Health Screening for Kids!

Pretend City’s Good To Go From Head To Toe 3rd Annual Family Fun and Wellness Fair is coming up this Saturday, March 17, 2012.  This is a FREE event for children ages 0-5. Linda Hunter, Senior Director of Education for Pretend City, has listed 5 top reasons why you should attend these type of “Developmental Screenings” at Pretend City: 1. Discover how your child’s development is progressing.  Certified health professionals offer qualified assessments to accurately let you know how your {Read More}

Neutrogena~The Difference in Beauty! {Giveaway}

Beauty.  We all have it, right? We all posses beauty, inside and out. God gave us beauty and it’s up to us to take care what the good lord has given to us. Do you agree? A few confessions: When being outside- I don’t wear sunscreen.  I’ve never bought makeup with any kind of sunscreen in it.  I don’t wear hats. I am a little embarrassed to admit all of this and yet I’ve never done anything about it. During {Read More}

Mirror Mirror Press Day

It’s hard to believe that just last weekend I was in the beautiful city of Santa Monica enjoying the cool sea breeze and in company of  some fabulous bloggers. I was invited to attend the Mirror Mirror Press Day event in which a group of bloggers were invited to the pre-screening of the upcoming film, Mirror Mirror, interview one of the stars of the movie, Lily Collins and treated to a day of beauty! I must say that the weekend {Read More}

Cars Land, Buena Vista Street and Carthay Circle Theatre are set to open June 15, 2012. Are you Ready?

I am more than ready.  Ever since ground broke way back in 2009 at Disney California Adventure, the kids and I have been anxiously awaiting for this date to be announced.  We knew that the grand opening would be in the summer of 2012, but to have an actual date to anticipate, gravitates the atmosphere of excitement in my humble abode.   As a frequent visitor of the parks, I was able to witness a little bit of history as {Read More}

A hard lesson to learn…

Last Sunday, I lost my domain Thoughtsofamommy.com.  As you can tell from looking at the site now, I am a .net. Which I know is not entirely bad but still, the whole process was horrifying. This is not my fault. Alright… I’m lying. Well, some of it is and trust me when I say “I have learned my lesson.” I originally bought the .com domain with wordpress.com. Years past I always got an email letting me know that it was {Read More}

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