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Coming soon to DVD and Blu-ray, The Lorax

The Lorax is coming to DVD and Blu-ray August 7, 2012!   I saw “The Lorax” for the very first time, yesterday.  Yes, I just saw it. I loved it.  I loved it. I loooooved it.  It’s not everyday that I see a movie that I just really take to heart. There’s truth and reality to the whole entire story.  Here is the trailer and the synopsis: The imaginative world of Dr. Seuss comes to life like never before in {Read More}

Buena Vista Street: A Trip Back In Time

With all the excitement that surrounds a visit to the Disneyland Resort, there is one spot that will stop time and make you want to slow down. Buena Vista Street: Think back a couple of years… ok, maybe several decades, to the year 1923.  When you enter DCA, you are taken back to the Los Angeles that Walt Disney met when he came to California for the very first time.  Here is where you DON”T want to zoom by and {Read More}

The Power to Change through Education #WaveforChange

5 Ways NEUTROGENA Naturals is Promoting Sustainability - FamilyisFamilia.com

I am just recovering from the awesome twitter party on Tuesday.  The #WaveForChange party was a huge success.  I was able to see first hand what the power of education has over our Latina community and I must say that all of you inspired so much in me.  I am very proud be a part of this community.  During that hour and a half, I heard of dreams and realities of what an education got you.  One of the questions {Read More}

A feast awaits you when you visit Knotts Berry Farm!

Ribs, flanks steak sandwiches, veggie wraps and funnel cake.  No, I am not talking about a county fair or your local farmers market.  I am talking about delicious food that comes from none other than~ Knott’s Berry Farm.  I will list here my favorite food that I got to taste during the “Taste of Knott’s” event last week.  I will take no blame for you rushing over to Knott’s and stuffing your face and breaking your diet, ok!? Let’s dive {Read More}

Cars Land: The good, the better, the AWESOME!

Now that Cars Land has been open for more than a month, I know you all have had a chance to visit Mater, Lightning McQueen and Doc on their home turf, right?  If you haven’t, then my sole purpose for the following posts is to convince you that Disney California Adventure is the place to be.   Route 66 has literally planted itself right in the heart of Disney California Adventure.  Anything and everything you have imagined that Cars, the {Read More}

Pon Huggies a Prueba/Put Huggies to the test


To me, there is nothing sweeter than a baby in wearing nothing but diapers.  When my kids were still in diapers,  during this time of the year, they would only be diapers.  Last week, I was looking through some pictures of the kids when they were babies.  In reference to the little ones, I can’t believe I had two kids in diapers at the same time.  How insane was that? Looking back now,  totally insane. Here are my 3 tips {Read More}

Cover up them eyes! A chat with the Vision Council

iphone 3-25-11 173

Do you wear sunglasses?  Big ones?  Dark ones? Aviators? Just enough to cover your eyes?  I am very proud to say that I’ve had the same pair of sunglasses for more than 2 years now. I know I got them at some conference, but I don’t remember which.  I haven’t lost them or even scratched the lens… yet!  This is a huge feat for me, considering I have a very curious 5 year old who wants what mommy has and {Read More}

She should be in movies! An annoying look at a not so typical trip to the store…

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As a mom who goes shopping with their kids, I hate the fact that I get stalked while I’m walking around looking for pan and some Suavitel. “Oh, wow!  Is she your daughter?  She is so beautiful.  Have you ever thought about putting her in movies?” Oh lord. I always respond with a thanks, but no thanks.  One time, I even responded in Spanish! What these young gals are doing, I imagine, are innocent college students that are paid to {Read More}

Family events at Rancho Los Alamitos

Looking for something new to do with the kids?  If you are on So Cal, Rancho los Alamitos offers a great summer reading program! Tuesday Morning, July 24 & 31 10 am – 12 pm | Children’s reading series Story Times in the Gardens, a summer reading series for children ages 4 to 8. $6 for members, $8 for non-members. Reserve online at rancholosalamitos.org beginning in June or call the Rancho at (562) 431-3541 for reservations. Parking on site at {Read More}

Officially done: My first Passport!

Azul, dolfees party 006

On Wednesday of last week, for the very first time EVER, I applied for my U.S. passport.   I’ve never had one before. Back in the days of international travel, all that was needed was a birth certificate (yes, that was the last time I traveled abroad).  Since I’ve never left the states since I was in high school, I’ve never needed a passport. Until now. Let me just say that it was a surreal event. I feel so official. Official {Read More}

Field Day with Walt Disney Studios, Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner

Last week, I got to spend some time outdoors with the kids. It was nice to go outside and have some fun since the kids have been sitting at home for a while now. Walt Disney Studios and Frigidaire teamed up with Jennifer Garner (a Frigidaire ambassador) for some play time with several families and their kids and learn all about getting dirty and clean.  Something we moms know way too much.   Jennifer Garner was also there to talk {Read More}

4 years and counting…

4 years ago, I started blogging.  I first started off on MySpace and then graduated to blogger and now here.  These past 4 years have been nothing short of amazing.  From meeting online friends who have become more than hermanas to trips that have taken me across the nation and beyond. I have slowly been making changes to better myself and the blog.  Have you noticed?  Although I have reached success in working with brands, I really miss the personal {Read More}

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