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Deep Fried Hot Dogs, Curly Fries and Snow Cones, oh my!

The L.A. County fair is in full swing and so is the oh so yummy food selections that are freshly prepared just for you! I know that fair food has bad reputation, but if you only eat this kind of food, once a year… then what’s the harm, right? (insert nervous he he  here!) I had the chance to preview some of the fair’s bountiful feasts.  Here are my top 3 choices. Chicken Charlie’s Pineapple Shrimp This did NOT taste {Read More}

Fall Activities at Heritage Hill!

Fall is in the air here in So Cal. There is a light sprinkle falling from the gray skies and I can almost taste the pumpkin spiced lattes.  I cannot wait for fall to get here. So, to further the mood along, there are two events that I want to tell you about. October 19 welcomes the  fifth annual Haunt at Heritage Hill. Dare to take part in the “Friday Night Fright,” as the park is transformed into a haunted {Read More}

Disney Baby Event for you and your baby!

If you live here in So Cal and preferably near the Americana at Brand in Glendale, are expecting or have a baby~ I would love to tell you about an event. The Disney family is expanding and you are invited to welcome the arrival of the first Disney Baby Store in the United States.  To commemorate the occasion, the first 100 babies to arrive at the store will receive FREE Disney Baby Mickey Mouse ears, plus a free gift for {Read More}

Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland!

In just a few short weeks, Disneyland will be hosting Mickey’s Halloween Party!  For me, it’s one of the best times to visit the resort.  The decor of the park is so beautiful and if you partner that up with gorgeous Southern California autumn sunsets, you will experience the true magic of Disney. If you have little ones and heck, even older ones, a visit to the happiest place on earth can be magical during the Halloween season.  Starting on {Read More}

And they’re off! Back to School with Mabel’s Labels!

Backpacks? Check!  Pencils? Check! Binders? Check!  It’s the eve of back to school 2012 here in my home.  The kids are asleep and I am anxiously awaiting the morning.  I have a feeling that the hustle and bustle of the morning is about to hit us like a brick wall! My youngest child is starting Kinder tomorrow. My youngest son will begin 2nd grade and my teen started high school last week.  I can’t wait for this school year.  I {Read More}

Get “UNREAL” with your favorite dulces! {Giveaway}

Is there a certain time of the day or week that your body hits a limit and it just craves candy?  Chocolate, in my case, is what I reach for first.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one, right? UNREAL has UNJUNKED our favorite candies because let’s be honest here, all the dulces that we eat in delight are well… not very good for us. Take it from the founders of UNREAL.  A 13 year old was complaining to {Read More}

Did you feel that?

We’ve been having a sudden surge of earthquakes here in California.  More specifically, here in So Cal.  I didn’t experience my first earthquake until I was in Jr. High.  Even then, I was outside when the Whittier earthquake hit.  I wasn’t in California during the Northridge quake, so I’ve had very little “quake” experience in my 30 something years as a Californian. I did feel the Chino Hills quake and that was enough to scare the heck out of me. {Read More}

Where Do I Start?

My teen started high school today.  I am truly happy for him. He is attending a non-traditional high school that will require him to attend class at a school site once a week and the rest is online.  The classes seem promising and I see a little excitement in my son’s eyes. This is a huge feat for him and I.  We started off the morning with him wanting to be an EMT.  Them all of a sudden it went {Read More}

Create a Family Movie Night with Phase 4 Films!


We’re in the last week of summer vacation.   With my husband being unemployed, having a fun “Family Movie Night” on a budget can be kind of tight.   We rarely go to the movies because it’s way too expensive.   One way of surviving the long summer was having plenty of movie nights at home. 3 special movies that we saw were: I Heart Shakey Starring Steve Lemme of Broken Lizard and Steve Guttenberg, I Heart Shakey follows  J.T., and his daughter {Read More}

Celebrating me with Neutrogena! #bestofme

Azul, dolfees party 1199

When I walk through the makeup aisle of any store (drug store or boutique), I feel like a kid in a candy store. I love makeup.  I can look and skim through all the different shades of any makeup for hours. Surprised?  I kind of am.  I have 2 bags full of makeup that I have bought and some of it has been given to me. Much of it, sits unopened. The most I put on is eyeliner and gloss. {Read More}

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology: The Exhibition at Discovert Science Center!

For all the Indy Jones fans in your life or for those who you want to introduce this adventure to, Discovery Science Center is going to host  Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology: The Exhibition!   Tickets are now on-sale for the exhibit which opens October 12, 2012! Exclusive Indiana Jones film Collection: An extensive collection of genuine props, concept art, models and costumes from all four films will be on display, including the main artifacts represented in each {Read More}

“When I Grow Up” day at Pretend City!

Has your child started dreaming of what they want to become “when they grow up?”   My kids have all sorts of dreams.   From being a race car driver to a puppy doctor and even a professional skateboarder.  My kids are all over the spectrum. Pretend City is hosting a “When I Grow Up” day and you are all invited!   Your little ones will be able to explore all sorts of careers with special guest appearances by: Angels Baseball Player {Read More}

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