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Meet Bixby! The New Pup at The Aquarium of the Pacific!

Meet Bixby, the first seal born at the Aquarium of the Pacific. The nearly four-month-old harbor seal made her debut earlier this week, joining the other animals in the Aquarium’s Seal & Sea Lion Habitat. She’s so cute here, pictured with her mama. You can stop by and meet her at  The Aquarium from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. daily and until 9 p.m. during Discounted Late Nights (seal viewing is best during daylight hours). Aquarium admission is $25.95 adults 12+, $22.95 {Read More}

A Cultural Paradise for Families at Azul Hotels! #AzulPlay

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Last Monday, I traveled to Mexico to learn all about the partnership between Fisher-Price and Azul Hotels.  As a Fisher-Price ambassador, we got a first-hand look at the many programs that have been established for families that travel to their facilities to spend a well deserved vacation. Meet Sonya Lee and Eddie! Sonya Lee and Eddie are the official Fisher-Price Spokes-little- people at Azul Hotels. Actually, they’re more like familia.  I actually got to spend some time with them throughout {Read More}

Safety and Care Commitment, a new site from Johnson & Johnson!

One of the factors that I love about working with such a prestigious company is that is Johnson & Johnson is the commitment it has with its consumers, us!  When I went to check out the J & J headquarters, I was able to see first hand that commitment to babies and families that they pride themselves in doing. Now we can all see, just how special we are to Johnson & Johnson with a brand new site that will {Read More}

Hola from Mexico!

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Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be writing a post from Mexico.  I am currently on the Mayan Riviera, close to Cancun Mexico. I am here on a press trip with Fisher-Price and Azul Beach Hotel but what I am more grateful for, is the fact that I am in Mexico, again. I did not grow up here.  The most I’d spend in Mexico is about 1 week. I can’t believe that it’s been {Read More}

It’s official! Homeschooling, here we come!

Last week my son officially became a homeschooling student.  This is one curve ball that I did not see coming. My son had been struggling in school.  A lot.  This past school year, 8th grade, was the tip of the iceberg.  I tried to help my son as much as I could.  The school, although it’s a great school district, did nothing to get my son the help that he needs.  One teacher even went as far as telling me {Read More}

Discovery Science Center Features Full-Scale Replica of Mars Curiosity Rover!

If the recent space news has your kids talking about “Curiosity” and the awesome space program, make your way down to Discovery Science Center and check out the full-scale replica of “Curiosity” space rover! The exhibit is on display through Labor Day and features four sections exploring the rover and its mission on Mars. The sections for guests to explore include: Curiosity rover~ View the sophisticated science instruments that Curiosity is equipped with, such as the Chemical Analyzer Spectrometer that {Read More}

5-time Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin and the Fantastic Gymnastics Dora doll get down to the basics! {Giveaway}

How many of you are keeping tabs on the Olympics?  The USA teams are doing fantastic, don’t you think?  As a spectator, my heart fills with pride with any winner.  Everyone should be celebrated as being the best of the best. It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that five-time Olympic medalist and role model, Nastia Liukin, is teaming up with Fisher-Price, to help introduce the new, interactive Fantastic Gymnastics Dora doll to all the little girls who {Read More}

Add a little kick Cherry Vanilla or Paradise Mango to your Pepsi for a cool summer!

Today and tomorrow, we are expecting hot temps with some lovely humidity mixed in.  Although we’ve been spending a lot of times out doors, once the temperature is overwhelming for me, I hide in the coolness of my room. Don’t we all? Still, the time spent outdoors is time well spent with familia and friends.  Picnics, carne azadas and parties are best when the food is great and the drinks are refreshing.  I have to admit something, though… there’s nothing {Read More}

Clorox Fraganzia For Your Home {Giveaway}

Keeping up with the messes kids make is hard.  Even more so during summer vacation.  My husband (the clean freak) is having a field day with the crumbs and spills from breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have been going through cleaners like crazy.  My husband is obsessed with keeping the house clean.  He wakes up at 6:30 in the morning  and the next thing you hear is the pump of the cleaner mixture and then the sink running. Little by {Read More}

Coming soon to DVD and Blu-ray, The Lorax

The Lorax is coming to DVD and Blu-ray August 7, 2012!   I saw “The Lorax” for the very first time, yesterday.  Yes, I just saw it. I loved it.  I loved it. I loooooved it.  It’s not everyday that I see a movie that I just really take to heart. There’s truth and reality to the whole entire story.  Here is the trailer and the synopsis: The imaginative world of Dr. Seuss comes to life like never before in {Read More}

Buena Vista Street: A Trip Back In Time

With all the excitement that surrounds a visit to the Disneyland Resort, there is one spot that will stop time and make you want to slow down. Buena Vista Street: Think back a couple of years… ok, maybe several decades, to the year 1923.  When you enter DCA, you are taken back to the Los Angeles that Walt Disney met when he came to California for the very first time.  Here is where you DON”T want to zoom by and {Read More}

The Power to Change through Education #WaveforChange

5 Ways NEUTROGENA Naturals is Promoting Sustainability - FamilyisFamilia.com

I am just recovering from the awesome twitter party on Tuesday.  The #WaveForChange party was a huge success.  I was able to see first hand what the power of education has over our Latina community and I must say that all of you inspired so much in me.  I am very proud be a part of this community.  During that hour and a half, I heard of dreams and realities of what an education got you.  One of the questions {Read More}

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