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Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic

Member’s Mark 4x Probiotic has made it’s way into our home.  I am so glad it did.   With efforts to try and get my husband on track to a more healthy way of life, this is just a step in the right direction.  Some of you may know that my husband has had some kidney stone problems in the past.  Heart wise, he is strong as a bull.  Muscles (well in my opinion) could use some work, but other wise, {Read More}

The Help- A Review

Last weekend, during BlogHer, I got the chance to see the pre-screening of THE HELP with fellow bloggers.  Let me tell you something…. This was the first time I see a movie with only bloggers in the theater. Mostly women, too.  I’ve never ever experienced a movie quite like I did last week.  The responses from the bloggers to some of the climatic parts of the movie were funny as heck!  We were an emotional group.  I loved it.  If {Read More}

That’s Mamihood- Mmmm, Chicken!

I’m recovering from the whirlwind that is BlogHer11.  Ay Mamá! I had a wonderful time meeting new friends and hanging out with some of my favorite Latina Bloggers… So, as I gather my thoughts and try to sort out my back to school series, I leave you with  (what was supposed to be last weeks post) That’s Mamihood… When my 12yo son was about 3 years old, we were at home singing along to Old Mac Donald’s.   After the song, {Read More}

Off to BlogHer!

  Off to BlogHer!  If you are going, let’s meet up! (:   See ya in San Diego!!!!!

RIO {Giveaway}

All the birds of a feather….   Have you seen RIO?  This movie is really sweet, funny and super cute!   At first I didn’t think my kids would like the movie.  Even though it’s animals that are talking.  There is a little more dialogue than they are used to, but they ended up sitting through the whole movie!Now, RIO is out in stores on tomorrow, AUGUST 2nd on both DVD and BLU-RAY!   From the makers of the hit ICE {Read More}

On the Go with Lawrys! {Giveaway}

On the go.  Everywhere we go, people are on the go.  Sometimes I feel that since having children, life is nonstop. If you have a busy paced home, I’m going to tell you about some recipes that a couple of other bloggers and I cooked up for those who are always “On The Go.”  We were 1 of 10 teams partnering up with Lawry’s and are actually being judged by our recipes.  It’s always nice to see my friends.  Even {Read More}

Summer fun with Nestlé! {Giveaway}

Food is as important to any summer day as a pool, a refreshing drink or air conditioning!  My kids have developed such an appetite that if I don’t monitor the food, we’ll run out! What have you cooked or grilled this summer? Have you made S’mores already? Here is my twist to it; try it with Nestlé’s Crunch!   How about this special  fruit drink ?   Over at www.elmejornido.com  you’ll find my recipe’s using some of the products I’m giving {Read More}

DaGeDar is racing our way! {Giveaway}

DaGeDar is the latest toy sensation that has taken over my boys.  Once they saw the commercials I knew what was to come… “Oh Mom, I want that!” DaGeDar is a racing game that is recommended for ages 4 and up.  Stay with me here.  I hope I don’t lose you.  I will try to talk “boy.” You play with characters that are balls.  These characters are from a world called Dimension 33.  Each character has a distinct personality trait; {Read More}

In the School Zone…

In preparation of the new school year, I think the first day of Kindergarten is the most anticipated day for any parent.  I still have one more child to go.  Then I will be done.  Wow… imagine that. This past school year, I had a kindergartener.  He had a great year.  He enjoyed his teachers and excelled in all subjects. Reading was his favorite and least favorite homework to do.  He likes to impress others with his awesome reading skills, {Read More}

Education.com worksheets!

Is your summer winding down?  The new school year for my kids will start next month.  A little earlier than usual.  Which is fine with me (ha ha).  If you are starting to get your kindergartener ready for school, here is another site that is full of resourceful worksheets and activity sheets  that are printable and most of all FREE! Education.com gives parents the information they need and the ideas they want to help their kids reach their full potential {Read More}

Sleepover ready! {Giveaway}

If your kids are headed out to a sleep away camp or you are preparing your son or daughter for their first sleepover at a friends house, CrazyforBargains.com  is your one stop shop for anything sleepwear. Summertime is best lived with lazy days and fun times.  I remember during my  younger years, I could not wait for summer to come.  Almost every month, my Bff’s and I would always sleep over each others homes.    With those sleepovers, you know we {Read More}

That’s Mamihood- Little hands!

Welcome to That’s Mamihood! When I was a fairly new mother, I was still a working mother.  I would work T, Th, S.  So, the time I spent with my bouncing baby boy was precious. Many, many moons ago….. We were at Ralphs, a local supermarket.  I had my then 1.5yo son in the shopping basket.  I had just placed my groceries on the conveyer belt to check out and moved on forward to pay.  Then the most embarrassing thing {Read More}

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