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Hispanic Heritage Month programing on cable TV! {Giveaway}

Hispanic Heritage Month is almost over and some of cables biggest networks are still celebrating by highlighting  Hispanic-themed programming and movies On Demand.     ThisisCable.com is making it easier than ever to cable surf the many programs ans movies that are being shown in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.  This Is Cable is a website that serves like a central hub for all things related to cable.  Some of the local cable companies are on the site.   One of {Read More}

National Noodle Day!

Today is National Noodle Day. And I simply can not pass up the opportunity to help celebrate.  Noddles come in all forms and cuisines.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter to me.  I love noodles! Now, there is no way that I am being biased here. Well.. maybe a little.  My favorite type of pasta is Asian noodles.   Although I am picky when it comes to certain Asian food, there is always room for noodles.  Whether it be egg or rice, flat {Read More}

Peep and the Big Wide World have a new Amiga!

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, Peep and the Big Wide World is returning to public television with a NEW Spanish-speaking character – Splendid Bird From Paradise!   In the two-part season premiere “Two’s a Crowd,” airing Monday, October 10, 2011 on public television, an exotic new bird arrives on the scene. Splendid Bird from Paradise is green, red and yellow and she speaks Spanish and needs her new friends to help her find a home.   In addition to a new Spanish-speaking {Read More}

Mother Goose Club

No matter how old your kids get, the comfort of knowing nursery rhymes- never gets old.  Do you believe that?  My husband did not grow up here in the states.  When my eldest would come home from preschool and sing nursery rhymes, the majority of the songs… he did not know. I love nursery rhymes.  I don’t know if that’s a girl or a Mom thing.  I can sit and sing nursery rhymes with my kids for as long as {Read More}

Digging up stuff!

My sister, my mom and I just wrapped up a 5 hour long search on Ancestry.com.   I have to tell you that my mom wasn’t too excited when we finally started inputting information on-line. The first thing she told me was “No quiero toda esta información en el internet.”  I reassured her that whatever info we find- It’s already on the internet! For privacy reasons I will not be posting names and places.  We started off with my maternal grandmother.  {Read More}

Real Steel- Movie Review

I saw the movie Real Steel last weekend.  Have you seen the trailers?  I was a little apprehensive about seeing the movie.  My first initial thoughts were “It’s a boy movie.”  I generally don’t like typical boy movies.  When I first saw the trailer, I saw robots, boxing, fighting and metal.  For me it all screamed Boys, boys, boys.  Here is the trailer and then the synopsis and then I will continue on with my review.   A gritty, white-knuckle, {Read More}

Earth’s Own Almond and Rice milk! {Local Giveaway}

I think everyone can agree with me that milk is good for you.  I like milk..sometimes.  Of course I eat cereal with milk.  When baking requires water, I always add milk instead. Banana liquados… can you say yum?   Unfortunately, some of my kids have the opposite feeling towards leche. If your kids have any dairy allergies I’m sure the dairy aisle at the market has been more of a burden and a great shopping experience.  My kids don’t have food {Read More}

Pretty Mom’s On-The-Go!

This question is for all the mom’s out there.  What is your opinion on makeup?  Do you wear it all the time? Sometimes? Depends? I like wearing makeup.  I like the way I feel when wearing makeup.  I love it even more when I put it on right and I get compliments. But… I don’t wear it all the time. It’s really rare that I should wear makeup.  It’s not that I’ve never found the right shade or the right {Read More}

Jif- Gift Pack! {Giveaway}

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the  Jif  Best Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest.  It’s still not over and you have a little over 2 weeks left to enter.   It’s super easy to enter. Now through October 12, 2011, you can help your kids, age six to 12 submit their creative sandwich recipes for a chance to win a $25,000 college fund. Also, to mark the 10th Anniversary of the contest, this year’s Grand Prize Winner will also {Read More}

Digging through the past…

As my journey continues to find out more about my ancestors, I’ve come to the realization that… ¡Ay mamá! It’s a bigger job than I thought.   I will tell you one thing- it has brought up a whole bunch of questions within my family. Knowing the basics of one or two generations is easy.  I was able to go as far as my abuelitos, tias and tios.  That’s it.   This is where my mom had to come in with the {Read More}

Hola from Hollywood!

I’m here in beautiful Hollywood!  My trip has been great so far.  There seems to be some kind of problem with ATT and phone service is off here in L.A. and even though I am only about an hour away from home, that sense of not being able to call anyone is… weird! Look what I got!  Thank you Walt Disney and DreamWorks Studios!   Also, I just saw the movie Real Steel.  I can’t wait to tell you all {Read More}

A Muppet Good Time!

Today is the day!  Even though I had a snafu with my car, later on today I am on my way to the glitz and  glamor of Hollywood for the weekend.  Read all about it here! If you have a twitter account, you will be able to follow my and 21 blogger’s twitter stream as we all hit Hollywood by storm.  Want to know all about the -soon to be released- Real Steel and The Muppets?  Follow us on twitter! {Read More}

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