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Veggie Pasta Salad with Nakano!

Serving meals that are healthy has been very challenging for me.  With white rice as a staple in almost every meal, I find it very hard to even try to cut back on our beloved rice. Even when it comes to the food that I cook.  Whether it be Mexican or Filipino cuisine, I’m always looking for ways to cut back in high fat carbs and certain meats. Trust me… it’s hard!  But every now and then, there is a {Read More}

Discovery Scinece Center to host -ANAHEIM DUCKS WEEK- Oct. 15-23!

Dust off your Ducks’ jerseys, hockey season is back! To celebrate the start of the National Hockey League (NHL) season,  Discovery Science Center (DSC) and the Anaheim Ducks have teamed up to present Anaheim Ducks Week! From October 15 – 23, all children ages 3-14 wearing Anaheim Ducks’ gear (hat, t-shirt or jersey) will receive free admission to DSC! Cheer on the Ducks as they take on the San Jose Sharks in their first home game on October 14, 2011 {Read More}

Winnie the Pooh is coming to DVD+Blu-Ray! {Giveaway}

Winnie the Pooh is set to be released on October 25th.  This was one of my favorite movies this year.  You can read about my review here. There are a few movies out that really grab my 6yo son’s attention.  Winnie the Pooh is one of them.  Claiming his 1st grade reading  skills, he says he can read a lot of words.  And reading he does!  When we went to the movies to watch Winnie the Pooh and the format {Read More}

Breakfast & Books! {Giveaway}

Since my 6yo started reading books, this house has been filled with easy-to-read books.  There are days that I feel he can’t get enough of books and days in which he’d rather play than read.  My 4yo is the one who wishes she can read.  She’ll sit next to her brother and pretend to read and make up stories from the pictures in the book.  Which is good, I know.  I hope that desire to read and love books sticks {Read More}

Melissa & Doug Fold n’ Go Castle {Giveaway}

Playing with actual toys is becoming a lost art.  Do you agree?  With all the electronic toys taking the place of basic toy playing, it’s little by little replacing imagination.   As much as I can’t stand the scattering of toys and games, I would rather much prefer my kids get down on the floor to play, use imagination and explore! Melissa & Doug Fold n’ Go Castle (MSRP $50) is a wooden castle that includes a working drawbridge and dungeon.  {Read More}

Happy Nestlé Halloween! {Giveaway}

Halloween is here!  Are you ready?  With stores decked out in black and orange there is a full range of candy, chocolate and snacks to choose from and then some! What do you have planned?  Do you still have little trick or treaters at home?  For me, Halloween was a fun time.  I say “was” because before we moved to the OC, I would take the kids out to trick or treat.  I loved walking with them and cherished every {Read More}

Finding my Ancestors {Giveaway}

I have been on a journey to find out about my ancestors for almost 1 month.   Trust me when I say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  My family isn’t the biggest.  I’d figure that this was a great time to really dig deeper into what was behind our family name. Ancestry.com recently released Mexico’s 1930 national census (“El Quinto Censo General de Población y Vivienda 1930, México”) and it is both the largest and {Read More}

The Real Deal on Real Steel!

Real Steel opened in theaters yesterday.  Did you see it?  I would love to know what you thought of the movie, leave a comment with your opinions. (: As I mentioned before, I went on a press trip for Real Steel and I was able to do roundtables with some key talents of the movie.  Director Shawn Levy, Actor Anthony Mackie, Actor Hugh Jackman and Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. It’s always exciting to meet and greet people from Hollywood.  {Read More}

Hispanic Heritage Month programing on cable TV! {Giveaway}

Hispanic Heritage Month is almost over and some of cables biggest networks are still celebrating by highlighting  Hispanic-themed programming and movies On Demand.     ThisisCable.com is making it easier than ever to cable surf the many programs ans movies that are being shown in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.  This Is Cable is a website that serves like a central hub for all things related to cable.  Some of the local cable companies are on the site.   One of {Read More}

National Noodle Day!

Today is National Noodle Day. And I simply can not pass up the opportunity to help celebrate.  Noddles come in all forms and cuisines.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter to me.  I love noodles! Now, there is no way that I am being biased here. Well.. maybe a little.  My favorite type of pasta is Asian noodles.   Although I am picky when it comes to certain Asian food, there is always room for noodles.  Whether it be egg or rice, flat {Read More}

Peep and the Big Wide World have a new Amiga!

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, Peep and the Big Wide World is returning to public television with a NEW Spanish-speaking character – Splendid Bird From Paradise!   In the two-part season premiere “Two’s a Crowd,” airing Monday, October 10, 2011 on public television, an exotic new bird arrives on the scene. Splendid Bird from Paradise is green, red and yellow and she speaks Spanish and needs her new friends to help her find a home.   In addition to a new Spanish-speaking {Read More}

Mother Goose Club

No matter how old your kids get, the comfort of knowing nursery rhymes- never gets old.  Do you believe that?  My husband did not grow up here in the states.  When my eldest would come home from preschool and sing nursery rhymes, the majority of the songs… he did not know. I love nursery rhymes.  I don’t know if that’s a girl or a Mom thing.  I can sit and sing nursery rhymes with my kids for as long as {Read More}

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