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Ay las Mamas: The Mexican Dust Pan!


Please excuse the kid noise in the back.  I had to Vlog in the Bathroom.   And I really was cleaning up the house.  Hence the no make up, chorriada look!

Ay las mamas… again.


Hola! Enjoy. Laugh. Cry with me. Whatever……

My version of Chicken Adobo!

I vlogged! o.m.g. *Please.. I need your comments on this like never before! lol **Es que no lo puedo believe! ***Never mind the nappy hair and no make up. I am SO nervous! lol… ****Ay MAMA!

Camp Lexus

Wow, this has got to be one of the coolest events I’ve been to in a while!   Invite me to where comida will be served… Heck, I’ll go!  I can take my kids, claro!  I get to test drive Lexus cars.. Orale pues! Yes, I had the wonderful opportunity to learn all about some Vehicle Safety features that Lexus has to provide.  They had vehicles for us to test out the Brake Override System, the Anti-Lock System and the Vehicle {Read More}

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