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A hard lesson to learn…

Last Sunday, I lost my domain Thoughtsofamommy . com.  As you can tell from looking at the site now, I am a .net. Which I know is not entirely bad but still, the whole process was horrifying. This is not my fault. Alright… I’m lying. Well, some of it is and trust me when I say “I have learned my lesson.”

I originally bought the .com domain with wordpress.com. Years past I always got an email letting me know that it was that time of the year again, and that I had to renew the domain.  Well, this time around, I didn’t get anything.  This is where it’s my fault.  I clearly didn’t remember when to renew and apparently I wasn’t even set up for an automatic renewal.  From frantically looking through the WP forums, I wasn’t the only one.

I cried.  And cried. And cried some more.

Almost immediately someone else had bought the domain.  I tried doing everything I could to see if I could recover the domain, but it was to no avail.

I quickly bought all sorts of domains with GD and set out to try and get things up again.  I truly thank the Lord almighty that I had a different hosting company.  This is how the blog was saved.  I have been able to fully recover from the domain loss.  Readership, domain change, posts, links and all that fun stuff.  And I love the fact that I literally did it all on my own.  Just as I was starting to feel I was going to make it, the news came. Thoughtsofamommy . com is currently being sold for $18,000.  Can you imagine that?

I cried again.

The initial feelings of shock, disappointment, hurt, anger, sadness and depression has tapered down.  Still, all my hard work for the past 3 years, traffic wise, took a massive blow. I still have to manually change the images from all the posts.  For some reason there isn’t a plugin that will do that for me. Just give me time to go through all that. I have about 1,400 + images to go through.

I know things happen for a reason and I am trying to really believe that. You know, other than stupid me forgetting to renew the domain.

My advice:  Don’t forget to renew your domain.

That is all.


Liz Cerezo

Liz is a Mexican-American blogger living in Southern California. Married 19 years, and a mami to 3 kids, her content is inspired from living in and raising a multicultural familia. Liz has been blogging for more than 7 years, establishing herself as a nationally recognized Latina blogger. She often blogs in Spanglish and may throw in some Tagalog when talking about her hubby. You can also find her chit chatting away at @Liz_Cerezo on Twitter!


  1. Catalina

    Aw, Liz you are not stupid. It’s not easy being a mom and having to remember every little deadline in our busy lives and our family’s busy lives. Doing it all is too much and important things do sometimes slip by. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    I’m still shocked with the $18k offer — that’s extortion! {hug}

    08 . Mar . 2012
  2. Leslie Limon

    Oh no!!! I can only imagine what a nightmare this must have been for you. Thank goodness you were able to save your blog! And you did it all on your own…You should be very proud of yourself. 🙂

    08 . Mar . 2012
  3. Yvonne Condes

    That’s terrible!! Good for you for recovering everything. Don’t beat yourself up about it. For years you were getting a renewal email. Things happen and it sounds like you powered through. You are going to start over and be bigger and better!!

    08 . Mar . 2012
  4. Elisa

    I am so sorry, Liz. And shame on the person who snapped it up just to make a quick buck. Just know you have a community who regularly reads you and will continue to follow you. I am going through something similar in that the platform we are on is outdated. We will probably need to move. What to do with our old content — that’s what we are debating. Ay!

    08 . Mar . 2012

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