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And they’re off! Back to School with Mabel’s Labels!

Backpacks? Check!  Pencils? Check! Binders? Check!  It’s the eve of back to school 2012 here in my home.  The kids are asleep and I am anxiously awaiting the morning.  I have a feeling that the hustle and bustle of the morning is about to hit us like a brick wall!

My youngest child is starting Kinder tomorrow. My youngest son will begin 2nd grade and my teen started high school last week.  I can’t wait for this school year.  I pray my kids will excel to the fullest of their potential and have a great year.

Mabel’s Labels is one way that I will organize my crazy life of managing the kid’s school supply. With three kids in different ages and grades, using the sticky labels to label everything is essential for this school year.

I received 2 packs for the boys.  One was the Tween Pack and the other was the Basic Kit Combo. Both are great combos and pretty much cover all your bases.  The Tween Pack offers unique and quirky labels that are hip and cool.  Boy and girl labels are bright and come in all sorts of sizes.  This is perfect for kids with names that normally don’t appear at personalized merchandise stands at the store.  Growing up, this was always a struggle for my son.  Actually, all my kids have names that hardly ever get labeled on cups, pencils, key chains and stuff.  My kids finally has a way to personalized just about anything.

The Basic Kit was perfect for my 2nd grader.  It comes with skinny mini sticky labels, shoe labels and Tag Mates.  The sticky labels are great for pencils, markers, pencil boxes, glue sticks and more. They’re thin and can go on pretty much anything. I didn’t use the shoe labels for my son’s shoes.  I really don’t expect him to be taking off his shoes at school. And the Tag Mates are cute little dog tags that can go on backpacks and lunch sacks.

This afternoon, I ordered my daughter “pink” labels with cupcakes.  I can’t wait for her to get them.

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This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was sent the labels mentioned above as a partnership with Mabel’s Label’s through Global Influence to facilitate this review.

Liz Cerezo

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