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There is no doubt that technology is consuming our lives more and more each day.  My son has had a phone since he was 12. An iPhone, nonetheless. When we first gave him the phone, we were crystal clear about the rules and privileges about data, texts and the scary internet.  I went as far as telling him that every text/internet search/app he downloaded or saw on his phone, I got a full report on my phone.  I told him that it was one of the glories of owning an iPhone. Did it work? God, I hope so!!!

Photo curtesy of AT&T. All reights reserved.
Photo courtesy of AT&T. All rights reserved.

In 2 short years, I will have an offspring behind the wheel. Can you believe that? Since before his 14th birthday, he has been wanting to learn how to drive. He’s been keeping a close watch on the way my husband drives and has called me out on a few minor traffic infractions.  One of them has been texting or checking email while driving.  Yes, I will admit that my son has caught me a few times “endangering his life as well as the lives of his beloved little brother and sister” as he put it.   I have been getting better and better about that and now I have him either respond to texts (so yes some of you family and friends might get a grammatically incorrect text) or I just leave my phone in my purse, and in the trunk.

Photo curtesy of AT&T. All reights reserved.
Photo courtesy of AT&T. All rights reserved.

As parents we have to lead by example.  For those of you with younger kids, be prepared. Having a teenager is tough. You enter a whole new world once the tween age kicks in. They watch you like a hawk and will throw anything and everything to your face if you should step out of line. Especially when you are trying to practice what you preach.  So, here are some tips on how to handle a teenager and phones.  Well, at least in my household:

  • Under no circumstances is my son allowed to “password” lock his phone.
  • Absolutely no phones during dinner time. Myself included.
  • I know all his passwords to his music download program and any social media app that he has.
  • Bad grades = no phone.
  • Talking back = no phone.
  • Being a bully to his little brother or sister= no phone.
  • No phones will be taken to church.
  • No phones after 11pm. Including weekends.

My son has been pretty good about keeping the rules.  He is attached to his phone as much as I am so the “taking away” of the phone works pretty well with any kind of behavioral issues.

What kind of rules do you have for your tween or teen kids at home?




This is a sponsored post with AT&T through The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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