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Brother and Sister Conversations

Have you ever listened to how your little ones converse? I think it’s the most awesome thing to hear.  As an adult, it’s humorous how serious they sound.

What’s even scarier is when they sometimes sound like you! I’ve caught my daughter using phrases that I use when arguing with my teenager. YIKES!

Recently, I overheard this conversation between my youngest son and my dd who finally has a loose tooth:

DS- Let me pull it out.
DD- No!
DS- Come on! And I’ll be your assistant!
DD- Forever?
DS- Yes!
DD-Until your birthday?
DD- Until we’re older?
DS- Yes!
DD-Until we die?
DD-Until we’re grandparents?

Omgosh, I die of cuteness. Until they’re grandparents they said. LOL!


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