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Kids Earn Free Ride Tickets for the L.A. County Fair!

Listen up moms and dads!

Did you know your kids can earn free rides to enjoy while visiting the L.A. County fair?  It’s so simple and easy to do!  If your kids like to read, check out the L.A. County Fair’s Read to Ride Program!

Kids in kindergarten through 8th grade can earn free rides by reading books!  For parents it’s a win-win! Yay!

carnival evening
Image courtesy of L.A. County Fair. All Rights Reserved.

Read to Ride Program:

Kids must read a minimum of 3 books (maximum 6) specifically for this program.  Students in K – 2nd may read picture books. Everyone else is required to read skill level appropriate Chapter Books. You will receive 1 carnival ride vouchers for each book the kids read, maximum 6!

ALL participants must create a book report for EACH BOOK READ :
6th- 8th grade: minimum 50 words
3rd – 5th grade: minimum 25 words
K – 2nd grade: draw pictures with a caption for each book.

 The kids must bring in THIS FORM and the completed book report to the section in the fair called “America’s Kids” in order to receive vouchers for the free rides.

The easy part of this program is that kids are already reading as part of their homework time, correct?  Might as well encourage the kids to read even more with a reward like this in the end.

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This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received media passes for my family to enjoy.


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