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FamilyFun’s Treats for Halloween

If you’re already planning for this year’s Halloween party, check out these fun recipes from FamilyFun!  These are super adorable and somewhat easy to make. Especially if you’re the crafty in the kitchen kind of person.

FamilyFun's Treats for Halloween - FamilyisFamilia

Would you believe I’ve never hosted a Halloween event. We’ve always been out trick-or-treating or at Hallelujah night at church.  But, this year at school, my daughter is finally in a class that doesn’t have students with allergies, so I am tempted to try these out! Thanks FamilyFun Magazine for sharing these fun recipes!


Paranormal Pretzels

FamilyFun's Treats for Halloween - FamilyisFamilia

These bug-eyed beings are easy to make in large batches for a Halloween gathering or classroom party. Place yogurt pretzels on parchment paper. Heat candy melts according to the package directions. Spoon each color into a ziplock bag and snip off one tiny corner. Let the candy cool for a minute, then pipe it into the holes as shown. Before the filled areas set, add sprinkles or small candies for pupils.


FamilyFun's Treats for Halloween - FamilyisFamilia

A dinnertime favorite disguised as a prehistoric reptile? Now that’s a dino-mite meal! To make each taco, heat the oven to 375°. Fold an 8-inch spinach wrap in half and use kitchen shears to cut a stegosaurus shape as shown (you can get our template atfamilyfunmag.com/printables; for easier cutting, trace it with a black food writer). Unfold and lightly coat one side of the wrap withcooking spray. Refold it (oiled side out) and lay it on a baking sheet. Place crumpled pieces of aluminum foil inside the wrap to hold the shell open as it bakes. Bake until slightly crisp, 2 to 3 minutes per side (the wrap will harden as it cools). Once it cools, draw a face with a food writer. Add green olive feet as shown and serve with taco fillings.

Bagel of Doom

FamilyFun's Treats for Halloween - FamilyisFamilia

 Your basic PB&J takes a wicked twist, thanks to plastic pearly whites. More silly than sinister, this bready bad boy makes a great seasonal lunch bag surprise or super-easy party snack. Cut a small rectangle from the top of a sliced bagel so that a pair of plastic fangs will fit snugly in the hole. Spread the bagel halves with peanut butter and jelly, or other sandwich fillings as desired. Dab peanut butter on the back of 2 candy eyes (available at craft stores), then stick them in place.

Check out these fun recipes and so much more for your Halloween festivities over at FamilyFunMag.com!


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  1. Lauren

    Some adorable ideas here!

    25 . Sep . 2014
  2. swapnil kale

    me and my family going outside on halloween weekend

    27 . Sep . 2014

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