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Brain Chase: The Perfect At-home Solution for Summer Boredom

This is a sponsored post with Brain Chase through The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Summer Boredom. Can you believe us moms have to start thinking about this? Summer vacation is making its way towards us and if you don’t have anything planned as of yet, this is the most important post you’ll read.

Summer camp, lazy days by the pool and the long dog-days of summer. Sounds fun, right? Look, I am one for having the kids at home, as long as they have something to do. Because once boredom sets in, so do the fights, the bickering, the teasing, the crying and well, it all goes to heck from there, if you know what I mean.

Brain Chase: The Perfect At-home Soulution for Summer Boredom

Research shows that by the end of summer kids on average fall behind 1 – 2 months from where they were before.

I have three kids. I don’t have the money to send them to any type of summer camp. I really don’t. Even the local camps at the community centers are super expensive. Every year I realize that spending time at home, during summer vacation, is getting harder and harder because they are older. IT’S HARD TO KEEP THEM ENTERTAINED!  But, there is a solution.

What is Brain Chase? Take a look:

Have you tried reading programs, math camps or artsy week-long sessions that don’t work? Last year, I think we lasted 2 weeks with the summer reading program at the library. Sure they had incentives for those who completed the weekly challenge, but for my kids, it just wasn’t enough.  Brain Chase is 5 weeks of challenges with writing exercises, progress reports, animated adventure puzzles, tools and sooooo much more! It’s literally a massive, global treasure hunt powered by some of your kids’ favorite subjects in school; reading, math and writing!

What do they get in the end? Oh, just a trip of a lifetime and a 10K scholarship!!!

Brain Chase: The Perfect At-home Soulution for Summer Boredom

Last week, I had the opportunity to be on a conference call with the creators of Brain Chase. You have to believe me when I say that they have a lot of experience in entertainment and obviously education. They truly know how to make learning fun for kids! I mean, who else can come up with a super cool treasure hunt, just for kids?!

Check out some of the details:

  • 5 weeks of online and outdoor adventure
  • A summer learning program for children 2nd – 8th grade
  • A fun scavenger hunt
  • Kids can work at their own pace
  • Siblings are encouraged to work together to solve the treasure hunt
  • It’s tailored to each child’s age and learning level
  • Great for both kids in public school and homeschoolers
  • Writing exercises are reviewed by teachers who provide feedback within 24-48 hours
  • Kids spend 1 hour online learning every day to move forward in the weekly challenge

Brain Chase: The Perfect At-home Soulution for Summer Boredom

What I like about Brain Chase is that it covers up the “work/education part of the challenges and it converts that to and adventure that can involve the whole family. After all, it’s all about making sure the kids and making sure they keep the stuff they learned in school and not sleep it away all summer long.

The fun begins June 22, 2015 at 9am EST.

The cost is $149 thru 4.15 / $199 thereafter / Siblings $100. BUT, just for you RIGHT NOW, get 15% off Brain Chase sign-ups by using discount code: FAMILY15

For 5 weeks.  Not just one week, not 6 lessons, not 10 days. 5 whole week!!!! For more info, follow them on social media to explore the world of adventure:

Give your kids the Best Summer Ever. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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