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When the Nose Starts to Grow #StreamTeam

Kids and lying. It’s part of growing up. Whether you’re a master at it or just plain lousy at lying, when you’re a parent, you get to know the other side of those little white lies we once told our parents when we thought we were slick.

When the Nose Starts to Grow #StreamTeam

My kids aren’t the greatest of liars. Sure I had my bout with the kids. Heck, I still do! Living with a reclusive teen and two little ones who like to blame each other for EVERYTHING, I’d like to say that I can spot a lie, a mile away. One memorable lie from my kids was when my youngest son broke his arm. I knew the two boys were jumping on my bed. Even though I didn’t hear the thump from when my son hit the floor, I knew that the oldest must have done something causing the youngest to either fly off or bounce off the bed.  Until this day, they are still sticking to their story that the oldest had nothing to do with the whole incident. They have some bond, huh?

I’ve learned to deal with lying in the most calmest way possible. I’ve taught them very early on that lying is never good. My kids (thank god) have taken heed to my warnings and have been someone tolerable.  Still, kids will be kids. Right?

How do you cope when you catch your kid lying?   Check out these fun movies that’ll help relate to the woes of  lying and yes, promote a little honesty for inspiration.

For the little one:

When the Nose Starts to Grow #StreamTeam

For the older kiddies:
When the Nose Starts to Grow #StreamTeam
For teens or mom and dad:
When the Nose Starts to Grow #StreamTeam
How ever you decide to deal with lying and you kids, remember, we were once kids too.
This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As a proud Netflix #StreamTeam member, I share these movies with you.

Liz Cerezo

Liz is a Mexican-American blogger living in Southern California. Married 19 years, and a mami to 3 kids, her content is inspired from living in and raising a multicultural familia. Liz has been blogging for more than 7 years, establishing herself as a nationally recognized Latina blogger. She often blogs in Spanglish and may throw in some Tagalog when talking about her hubby. You can also find her chit chatting away at @Liz_Cerezo on Twitter!

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