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Being Prepared for School with LeapFrog!

We are just one month into the school year and the kids are loving 3rd and 5th grade! The each have set their own goals as to what they hope to accomplish this year. They have great teachers that will motivate them and encourage them to do their best.  These few steps are just the beginning for my kids. I want them to have a pivotal year in their education.  My daughter is learning to be more independent with her education and my son will soon prepare for Jr. High and is feeling the weight of more class and homework.

Being Prepared for School with LeapFrog!

This year, I have been selected to a LeapFrog Ambassador. My kids grew up with LeapFrog products. Even my oldest! LeapFrog has played a huge role in helping my kids learn to read at such an early age. It’s also helped them with language and math. See, what I like about LeapFrog is that it makes it fun to learn. With their durable products and toys, buying LeapFrog products is easily a fantastic investment in your child’s education. My kids are LeapFrog kids!


LeapPad Platinum

Being Prepared for School with LeapFrog!

Do you remember the first LeapFrog tablet? We had the first generation tablet and WOW, what an incredible upgrade the LeapPad Platinum has been! If you are looking for the right tablet, that is meant for education, this is the tablet for you. Check out the specs:

  • Wi-Fi with Kid-Safe Web
  • Powerful Processor/Fast & Powerful
  • Kid-Smart Fun
  • Robust Parent Controls
  • Toughest LeapPad Ever

I can’t tell you how many times my kids have fought over the LeapPad Platinum. It’s fast, the images are clear, the front and back camera is always a huge hit.


Imagicards are cartridges, if you will, that will let your kids access games, videos, eBooks and apps!  And not only all that, but they come in all sorts of beloved characters like Disney, Nick Jr. and so much more! Check out this video:

Word Whammer

Being Prepared for School with LeapFrog!

Word Whammer is a super, duper fun word bop-it type toy. Oh, my it’s so much fun. Yes, I’ve played it more times than I care to admit. It’s a fun toy that you hold and it helps with spelling and sounding out words. Now, it says that it’s for kindergarten, or prepping for kindergarten. With 5 learning levels for kids of all ages, my daughter who’s in 3rd grade has non-stop fun with the Word Whammer.

There is so much more to talk about in the coming months. I can’t wait to share!

This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As a proud #LeapFrogMom ambassador, I share these products with you. 

Liz Cerezo

Liz is a Mexican-American blogger living in Southern California. Married 19 years, and a mami to 3 kids, her content is inspired from living in and raising a multicultural familia. Liz has been blogging for more than 7 years, establishing herself as a nationally recognized Latina blogger. She often blogs in Spanglish and may throw in some Tagalog when talking about her hubby. You can also find her chit chatting away at @Liz_Cerezo on Twitter!

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