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Halloween Fun at Knott’s Spooky Farm 2015

IMG_7903My chiquitos and I had the pleasure of going to Knott’s Spooky Farm for the very first time. I know, it’s hard to believe that a native Californian that lives 15 minutes from Knott’s has never taken her kids to Knott’s in the month of October…but part of the reason was that my kids are the nervous type when it comes to spooky things.

But wow, were we pleasantly surprised!

Knott’s starts the family fun by only allowing children to dress in costume, so no gory zombies or sexy nurses to be seen at all. Secondly, there is only one section, Ghost Town, that Knott’s staff are dressed up in Halloween character, so if you absolutely must avoid it because your kids are nervous, it’s completely doable.IMG_7911

Like I said, my kids are the nervous type, but since the dressed up “walking dead” were not bloody with guts hanging out, my kids were fine. What’s more, the ghosts were very friendly, smiling
and were of gentle nature…so much so that even my 2-year-old was giving the zombie a high-five. Jaja!

Here are the special Knott’s-Spooky-Farm-only events for the kids to enjoy:

Ghost Town Trick-or-Treating has friendly ghosts at each outpost for photo opportunities and candies too! No need to bring a loot bag, kids will be handed a Knott’s trick-or-treat bag at the entrance.

IMG_7889Monster Masquerade Ball Karaoke
offers free mask making with karaoke-dance fun.

Camp Spooky Theatre
has a special Halloween show featuring Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang that little ones will especially enjoy.

Creepy Crawler Cabin has snakes, bearded dragons, spiders, hissing cockroaches and many more Halloween critters. There’s a little surprise by one of the windows…I won’t give it away, but it’s a fun little fright that had my 7-year-old jump then laugh.

Snoopy’s Costume Contest gives the kids a chance to show off their costume and their dance moves with the whole Peanuts Gang.

Spooky Hollow Maze is a “spooky” forest maze decorated with giant jack-o-lanterns and a headless horseman to delight and fright (just a little bit). Kids can also decorate their own wee pumpkins (for a nominal fee).

The park closes earlier in October (for the legendary Knott’s Scary Farm at night) so be sure to get there right as it opens at 10a to make sure you can enjoy all the spooky fun in addition to the rides and nom-nom eats like that warm, gooey Giant Cinnamon Roll found in Ghost Town–hits the spot this time of the year, right?


Lydia H.

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