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TurboTax Absolute Zero 2016 Season is here!


Tax season. It’s either YAY, it’s tax season or UGH, it’s tax season. Tax season has always brought us great joy. It’s our “Christmas.”  Two years ago, we had the great privilege of finding a great tax guy, here in our city.  He’s helped up so much with our taxes. My husband’s income is pretty straight forward, it’s my income from the blog that make it tricky. Having a home business is rewarding, but it can also come at a cost. A cost that I would rather pay someone else to take of. Are you the same way? If not, you have to keep reading.

TurboTax Absolute Zero 2016 Season is here!
Image credit: TurboTax

TurboTax®, the nation’s leading online tax preparation service, is again giving the 60 million hard-working Americans with simple tax returns the ability to file their federal and state taxes for free with TurboTax Absolute Zero. Last year, TurboTax was the first and only tax service to give taxpayers this no-strings-attached offer and almost five million people took advantage of it, filing their taxes for absolutely $0 with TurboTax Absolute Zero.

For the 2015 tax season, TurboTax is once again giving taxpayers the ability to easily and accurately file their federal 1040A or 1040EZ returns, as well as their state returns, for absolutely $0 with TurboTax Free Edition – $0 federal, $0 state and $0 to file.

And TurboTax customers will not pay extra to comply with health care laws or to claim their Earned Income Tax Credit. Whether they choose to file online or on their mobile device, TurboTax delivers an effortless, no-worry experience that is personalized to help customers get their biggest refund possible. Today, taxpayers won’t find a better offer anywhere else. Can you imagine filing your taxes on your phone?

TurboTax Online, the nation’s leading online tax preparation service, is now open for tax year 2015. TurboTax is an easy, accurate way for taxpayers to do their taxes and get their maximum refund, guaranteed. And with the average tax refund topping $2,800 last year, there’s never been a better time to get started!!!

Get to it!!!

This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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