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Getting Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning! #SpringClean16

This is a sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Spring has sprung and you know what that means?! It’s time to pump up the music and start spring cleaning! Easter is just a few days away, and since it “sprung” a little early this year, our spring cleaning also was moved up a month. We are hosting our Easter celebration at our home, so as much as we love having familia over, the kids dread it, because they know they have to clean the house.

Get the Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning! #SpringClean16

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It’s a chore, yes. Even I hated “cleaning up” when I was their age, but if we want to fiesta, then we have to clean.  My husband, the clean freak, is the one who taught them how to keep the house clean, and even though the kids like to poke fun at how much their dad loved to have a tidy house, I know deep down inside, they appreciate it.

Here I share my tips for getting the kids involved and what I’ve learned from being a mother for more than 17 years:
Get the Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning! #SpringClean16

  • Start Early! No, not in the day, but in age. As soon as your kids are old enough to help around the house, MAKE THEM DO IT! Why? So that when you ask them to do it, it’s not a big shocker that you want them to clean up. It will be just another cleaning day, rather than making them do something they hardly do. Then for sure you’re going to have a hard time making them clean up.
  • Get the Right Gear! Making sure you have the proper tools to clean is essential. Gloves, cleaning solutions, scrubs, it’s all a part of the whole spring cleaning process. Kids love to use stuff, other than just their hands, so make sure you’re prepared. Do I hear a trip to Walmart coming up?
  • Make the Time! You have to set a time to start AND finish your spring cleaning. If there’s no activity on a certain weekend, well guess what? That’s “Spring Cleaning” weekend. Trust me, once you sit back and see how clean the house is, it will feel good!
  • Reward! My kids love to eat burgers at a local restaurant. When they clean, the right way, they get a reward by having lunch at their favorite place!

Get the Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning! #SpringClean16

Shopping for Viva®, Scott® and Cottonelle® products at your local Walmart is a great way for you to stock up, save money, and have what you need, when you need it for either everyday life or when you need to tidy up because you have a guest coming over. I’m always at Walmart and it’s always so convenient to walk past items for the home that you may not need, so this is why it’s important to make a list, check it twice, so that you don’t miss a thing when you and the kids start cleaning!

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Get the Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning! #SpringClean16

Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple Texture, which is designed to clean better than the leading national value brand.

Now, pump up the music and have some fun!!!

Liz Cerezo

Liz is a Mexican-American blogger living in Southern California. Married 19 years, and a mami to 3 kids, her content is inspired from living in and raising a multicultural familia. Liz has been blogging for more than 7 years, establishing herself as a nationally recognized Latina blogger. She often blogs in Spanglish and may throw in some Tagalog when talking about her hubby. You can also find her chit chatting away at @Liz_Cerezo on Twitter!

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