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3 Fun Facts My Kids have Gained from Watching Netflix Shows

Kids are like a sponge. Like a big, squishy, freaking sponge. They absorb every single thing they hear or watch on TV. Do you believe that? I have no idea how many shows my kids know by heart. They know all the lines and when the funny parts are. Sure, it involves a lot of shows that come from the Disney Channel, but still. I wish they had the same tenacity when it comes to their school work. Am I right?

Netflix has opened up a whole new world for my kids. Shows and movies that I grew up with like Saved by the Bell and The Money Pit, my kids enjoyed re-watching them with me. They think it’s a trip how movies and shows, from way back when (according to them, it’s a long, long time ago!) are still funny today.  Then there are shows that make them think. I love the conversations we’ve had when we sit and watch Cutthroat Kitchen. From me cooking like the chefs on the show, to them critiquing my food (so not a fun part!), they learned that cooking is both fun and challenging.

Here are 3  facts my kids have gained from watching 3 shows on Netflix!


3 Fun Facts My Kids have Gained from Watching Netflix Shows

  1.  Square footage of a house- House Hunters Collection is one of our go-to shows when we want to watch something fun. Yes, fun! Why? Well, we get a peek into a home that’s for sale, in a different part of the country and “meet” different kinds of home buyers.  My kids know that the higher the square footage, the bigger the home will be. It’s so funny to see their reaction on how much a home costs vs. the square footage of the home. Hey, at least they’re learning, right?
  2. Food as an art form-  Have you seen Chef’s Table? Omgosh! You have to watch it.  It might not be suitable for young kids, but for the older ones, especially if they love to cook, this is one show you have to watch. This is a Netflix original docu-series, about what’s inside the kitchens and the amazing minds of the international culinary stars who are redefining gourmet food. We’re talking about masterpieces, made with food and the chefs behind the passion of creating some of the most amazing dishes the kids and I have ever seen! It truly is ART!
  3. Being different really is okay-  Here’s another example of watching one of my favorite movies, that the kids didn’t think they would like. A Walk to Remember.  They watched the movie from beginning to end. And guess what? They loved it. Yeah, it’s a cheesy love story, but with a message. My kids know for a fact that being different, is okay and bullying others, for being different, is never acceptable. They also learned that standing up for their faith and beliefs doesn’t mean they have to compromise when it comes to friendships and  future relationships.

As my kids get older, and they start to leave the kiddie shows behind, it’s important to sit and watch what they watch. I have to know what’s going on and I still have a say so in what they watch and cannot watch. Well, at least while I still have that control, right?

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This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As a proud Netflix #StreamTeam member, I share this story with you. All images courtesy of Netflix. All rights reserved.

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