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Back to School Savings with Chuck E. Cheese’s and Payless!


It’s almost time to think about Back to School shopping. This summer has most definitely been the shortest summer to date. Next week will mark one month until the kids go back to school. I AM SO EXCITED! Them? Well, not so much. I’m ready to start shopping for the new school year. Next week is when I’ll start going through everything and making a list of what the kids will need when it comes to clothes and school supplies. Although we will soon be in the B2S zone, we still have to have a little fun, right?

Back to School Savings with Chuck E. Cheese’s and Payless!

Yesterday, I went to Payless to buy my son some shoes for camp. I took all three kids with me. That was not a smart move. They ended up liking shoes and well, I bought the each a pair. Which was pretty good in the end since I was able to save $10 off my purchase because I spent more than $30.  Oh, and I get to spend a fun afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese’s with my daughter and her friend because I also got a coupon for tokens and a family meal!

From now to September 6, all Chuck E. Cheese’s customers will receive $10 off a $30 purchase at Payless and likewise, all Payless customers will receive two coupons for Chuck E. Cheese’s!

It’s a win-win!

Liz Cerezo

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