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Top Reasons Preschoolers (and their parents!) Adore Disney California Adventure

If you’re a parent of a  preschooler and purposefully avoid taking them to theme parks (or the mall, or grocery shopping, or anywhere that involves getting them dressed and out of the house), I understand.

Going places with preschoolers is HARD.

Watching my darling three-year-old (who looks just like Boo from Monsters Inc) go from precious princess to angry drunk uncle to grungy teenage angst to this Russian boxing beast that Rocky Balboa was up against in Rocky IV (I must break you) is normal.

However, despite all the drama, preschoolers are loads of fun!

Their insatiable curiosity and wonderment add a little magic to the ordinary, and Disney California Adventure is the perfect place to let that preschool magic take off!

Top Reasons To Adore Disney California Adventure:

Smaller Scale Theme Park 

Although there is plenty to see at Disney California Adventure, the smaller size is easier to navigate. The smaller theme park is a benefit not because you can see everything in one day (you can’t), but rather because you can quickly zigzag within the park without feeling like you’re betraying your knees. My daughter played a game of “let’s go on that ride again –the one across the park.” We played it a few times, but you heard no arguments from me…I rather enjoyed the short stroll through CarsLand.

Contemporary Characters

No doubt classic Disney characters are the best things EVER, but my preschooler is more enthusiastic about Princess Sophia, Doc McStuffins, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, and the sort. DCA has a Disney Junior – Live On Stage show that has these characters and more. It was a super fun and interactive show tailored for younger kids, complete with dancing along, singing along, and getting showered with bubbles and confetti. We missed Frozen show and the World of Color (ouch, I know…), but hear it’s uh-mazing too!

More Food Options (for the picky parent and preschooler)

Admittedly, it’s been over five years since I’ve been to Disneyland, however, the last time I went, I remember wishing there were more food options. DCA is it! For lunch, my preschooler and I dined at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta. She had the pepperoni pizza (always a fave and not greasy), and I had the Italian Chef Salad with fresh mozzarella and salami (look who’s being all healthy!). We shared a tiramisu while listening to a live jazz band in the sunny patio.

For dinner, we tried Flo’s V-8 Diner. Classic American eats like mac n’ cheese, fresh fruit, ribs, salads, and milkshakes with jukebox hits playing the background that made my daughter and several other kiddies wiggle to the beat.

Next time, we’ll try one of the other quick service restaurants that has wine –because sometimes mommy needs something bubbly and Disneyland understands.


Jokes aside, my preschooler and I had an awesome time. I’m a single mother of four and, unfortunately, fun time with my 3-year-old often takes a backseat to adult responsibilities. DCA is a getaway that is accessible enough (both location and price) to pop in and enjoy these short preschooler years.

For a limited time, Disneyland is offering Southern California residents a 3-day park hopper ticket for only $189, or a 3-day one-park ticket for $149. Remember that kids under 3 are free! So after you drop off the school age kids are school, sneak off for some preschool fun (shhh) and bring that baby along for free!

Take your time to explore the parks with those super value 3-day tickets and cherish the preschool Disney magic!


Lydia H.

Freelance writer, copywriter & digital influencer, Lydia Hernandez, aka The Vintage Mama, started blogging in 2008. Now a single mother to four children and a psychology major at California Baptist University, Lydia is also a frequent guest writer for blogs and magazines, and is currently working on two historical fiction novels.


  1. Rolondo

    Great article! The only thing I would add is DCA is great for everyone! With Disneyland getting more and more crowded, DCA still has elements of a little known secret-type place. The slower pace, exciting rides and great food, transport you more to a “land” than a theme park!

    16 . Feb . 2017
    • Lydia H.

      Agreed! I can definitely see how it could be even a great date spot…well at least I would love it Lol

      16 . Feb . 2017

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