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Watch Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere!

When it comes to watching a Disney movie, I want to focus on I’m watching.  Food is a must. The setting has to be just right. Pjs? Yep! Popcorn? Of course! Familia? You bet! Although I have been known to watch Disney movies alone. I don’t care that you know that. Guess what my favorite Pandora channel is? That’s right, the Disney station. Besides being huge fans of Disney, there’s something special when a new movie is released. We’re not big movie goers. My kids don’t beg to go to the movies. We are quite content watching movies at home. This is where knowing where to stream the latest Disney movie comes to play.

Watch Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere!

Disney Movies Anywhere is your one-stop shop for all things Disney movies. In the app, you’ll find all the latest releases and of course, some of Disney’s classic movies, like Pinocchio and more. Moana was just released on Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere and we were front and center in my living room, ready to watch.

Watch Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere!

From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes Moana, an epic adventure about a spirited teen who sets sail on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and fulfill her ancestors’ unfinished quest. During her journey, Moana (Auli‘i Cravalho) meets the once mighty demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson), and together they cross the ocean on a fun- filled, action-packed voyage, encountering enormous sea creatures, breathtaking underworlds and impossible odds. Along the way, Moana discovers the one thing she’s always sought: her own identity.

My daughter and I couldn’t wait to watch Moana on TV! Wanna know how we did it? Disney sent us a Google Chromecast and Disney Movies Anywhere app is viewable through this device. We are huge Google product fans, so setup was a breeze and before we knew it, we were right smack in the middle of Monotui. Moana is a BEAUTIFUL movie. The story is meaningful and sweet mixed with some hilarious scenes.

Moana is a BEAUTIFUL movie. The story is meaningful and sweet mixed with some hilarious scenes.  I won’t spoil it too much in case you haven’t seen it, but if you liked Brave, then for sure you’re going to fall in love with Moana. I know this is cliche to say, but the main theme song is so moving. My daughter and I rewind the movie after the song, just so we can watch Moana sing it again. It’s a lovely song.

Watch Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere!

If you’ve been shopping recently, you’d know that Moana is very popular right now. Even Target has a lot of Moana toys that are on sale right now!

Disney sent us some cool toys that we gave to our sweet friend. Isn’t she adorable! I really miss my kids at this age.

Watch Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere!

Watch Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere!

However you decide to watch with your familia, remember you can take the Disney Movies Anywhere app where ever you go. It’s available for all of your devices by downloading the app! Sign up for an account and enjoy the magic of Disney.

This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Disney sent me an amazing movie night package to facilitate this review. 

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