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What to Watch on Netflix When You’re Obsessed with The Royals

I mentioned to you last year that I have a slight obsession with the Royals. I love, love, love reading about them and now, I can enjoy watching shows and documentaries about them on Netflix. If you still haven’t checked out The Crown, you have to start there.

The Crown

The Crown is a series that’s all about the start of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events that shaped her marriage and the monarchy.  Yes, I understand it’s a show and not a documentary, but it’s so informative to watch some of the event that happened way before I was born. The complete first season has 10 episodes that are total binge worthy with the first episode starting off with the death of King George VI’s, the re-election of Winston Churchill as prime minister and then the wedding of then, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. This episode really is just the platform and base of the coming stories that The Crown has to offer. I mean, WHOA!!! Princess Margaret is my hero!  I won’t spoil it too much, but trust me, finishing the last episode at 4 in the morning had me wanting more and more. IT WAS SO GOOD! I have watched the series twice now and each time I watch, I see something new. I love it!

Much to our delight, The Crown season two has already been announced and I seriously cannot wait.

The Royals

What to Watch on Netflix When You're Obsessed with the Royals
Photo: Netflix

The Royals is a documentary of yes, The Royals. It’s a series of insightful videos, photos and commentary that is broken off in sections. For example, one episode is all about the grand weddings while another episode is about the royal funerals. There are 6 episode and range from scandals and yep, babies!

I mean, come on now, where were you when Prince William and Princess Katherine were married? I was in bed, watching the whole thing on my laptop. I didn’t sleep that night because of all the excitement. Same when Prince George was born. When there’s breaking news about The Royals, there’s no stopping me from getting to the TV or my phone. HAHA!  What I like about watching all things Royals on Netflix is that I have what I want to watch at my disposal. I don’t need to wait for something to be scheduled on TV. All I do if click on my Netflix account and binge. Life is grand!

The Queen

What to Watch on Netflix When You're Obsessed with the Royals
Photo: Netflix

The Queen is like whhooooaaa! If you want to revisit the sadness and complexity resulting from the death of Princess Diana, this is one movie to watch! Okay, so here we go again, where were you when Princess Diana died? I was with my husband (then boyfriend) and it was such a blow to me. I always wanted to be like Princess Diana. She was the epitome of how all girls my age wanted to dress, work and wear crowns and OH MY WORD, I wanted that wedding dress. I really did! So when the news came over the radio, my heart broke. I quickly went home and turned on the TV.  Even while at work, I made all my patients watch the news with me and thank god, I had the day off when the funeral was happening. This is a show, so of course we don’t know if anything is true about what really happened behind closed doors, but man, this was a good one!

Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute

What to Watch on Netflix When You're Obsessed with the Royals
Photo: Netflix

Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute is probably one of the most candid documentaries I’ve seen about the Royals.  When any of the Royals gives an interview, I always find them too structured. I get that they have to be like that.  They have to follow protocol and while that okay for them, for us commoners, we’d like to see them a little more…. ummmmm… like us, really.  Well, Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute is just that. Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry play a huge role in the documentary as the come together and watch old videos of The Queen and even themselves. It is SO CUTE to watch them be just two brothers watching old home movies. Even Prince Charles is laid back and yes, Queen Elizabeth also watches with them.  The Princes’ are so friendly and so real, it’s a great documentary to watch. Oh, and other Royals also make appearances.

So, I went a little bit longer than I wanted to go, but once I get going about The Royals, I just can’t stop!

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This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As a proud Netflix #StreamTeam member, I share this story with you. All images courtesy of Netflix. All rights reserved.

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