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Time to Shop for Back to School Supplies at Staples

This post is sponsored by Staples

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for some parents, it’s also the busiest time of the year. We’re talking about Back to School season! Kids are winding down summer vacation and
have now started eyeing what they want for the school year, and I personally cannot wait to go shopping with them. Why? Each school year brings new beginnings, new goals, new friends,
and in our case, new schools. No, we didn’t move, but my son is starting Jr. High this year and my daughter got accepted into a new school.

We have plenty to be excited for this school year!!!

Time to Shop for Back to School Supplies at Staples

Since Kindergarten, our kids have used items like backpacks, binders, and 3-ring folders for at least 2 years before getting a new set, which teaches them to learn to take care of items they love. This year, the time has come to shop for the right products that our kids will need, and our go-to store is Staples! As the kids get older, their sense of style also changes—gone are the days of cute cartoon characters as we now seek bold new colors and “cooler” looks. Staples is the perfect place to find trendy products and new patterns they’ll love, since the store carries a
huge variety of items in tropical, floral, animal, and Emoji prints.

“Staples is celebrating the Back to School shopping season by promoting top trends in gear, tools, tech, and accessories. Available in stores across the U.S. and on Staples.com, the 2017 back-to- school products are in stock all season long at everyday low prices, backed by the Staples 110% Price Match Guarantee.”

We have been Back to School shopping at Staples for a long time. Ever since my oldest entered Jr. High, Staples has always had everything we need and with the Staples 110% Price Match
Guarantee, it is a welcomed relief for our wallets. Take a look at what we’re talking about with this week’s Extreme Deals! (these deals change every week, so make sure to check your
weekly Staples ad on Sunday for the week’s new featured products and prices)

Time to Shop for Back to School Supplies at Staples

Crayola Crayons: 50¢
Staples 2-Pocket Folders: 15¢
Staples Composition Notebooks: 50¢
Staples 1-Subject Notebooks: 15¢
Paper Mate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencils: $1.50/5 pack
Staples School Glue: 50¢

See what I mean? Savings galore! These prices are in-store prices only, but the Scan My List option is another super-convenient way to shop! Available on the Staples iOS mobile app, parents can scan a photo of their child’s back-to- school shopping list, and a store associate will fill their online shopping cart within 24-48 hours with expert-chosen items matching their list. The system allows parents to customize their shopping cart quickly and easily.

I love how Staples makes everything so easy for us parents! Start your Back to School shopping today by checking out the weekly ads and then head on out to your local store to find the best

Happy Shopping!

This is a sponsored post with Staples. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Liz Cerezo

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