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Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

Now that the holidays are over and the routine of life has begun with the new year, it’s time to start thinking about goals and how 2018 is going to shape up. I have several goals for my familia. I won’t share them here, but one goal will be reached this week. Yep, that’s right! A little over 1 week into 2018 and we’re already on the right road to a great and successful 2018.

Whether it be a new baby, a new home or a new car, family events should always be celebrated.  What have we celebrated lately? Well, I got a job! Yes, I did and I am very happy with it. It’s the perfect decision for my family right now and it’s been a huge blessing. Last year…. okay, fine… a few weeks ago, we went on a trip to my boss’s cabin in one of our local mountains to celebrate this milestone and we did it with style and elegance!

Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

The 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser was lent to us for 1 week and by far, it has been the best vehicle loan we’ve had. If I could live in this vehicle,  I totally would. Wow, wow, wow. I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful experience this was for me, as a driver, and my kids and husband as passengers.

We set off to our weekend at the cabin and I drove. I drove. I felt so darn cool, all because I drove to the cabin, at night.

It was the scariest thing I have ever done and I couldn’t believe I did it. LOL!

We had to leave after work, so it was after 6pm. We had dinner before we started up the mountain and I was literally “white-knuckling” it the whole way.   While my family enjoy the views as we climbed in elevation, I was trying to keep up with a group of cars that were also going up the mountain. The steadiness of the Land Cruiser was top notch. I don’t think I would’ve handled the drive as well as I did with our own personal vehicles.

Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

Little by little, the cars in the group were becoming less and less and before I knew it, I was the only one on the road. Not to worry though, the LED headlights were a HUGE help and it got us safely to our destination.

My familia of 5 fit perfectly, even with our overnight bags and food that we brought from home.


I don’t know where my husband is going to get the money to purchase one, but I can see myself driving this vehicle for the rest of my days. The luxurious seats, the smooth right, the amazing views ( I love that I’m so much higher than other cars around me. hehe!), the center console cooler box, butt warmers AND coolers, the rear-seat entertainment system?! I mean, this SUV has all the bells and whistles any family could ask for.

Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

My daughter’s first words, when she sat down in the SUV were ,”I am definitely getting one of these cars when I become a Doctor!” See friends… goals!

How amazing is my daughter’s goals of getting an education and becoming a Dr, and in the end, getting the things she wants? I love that a simple vehicle can bring that out in my little girl.

Visit toyota.com for more info.


This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This vehicle was a loan, for 1 week to facilitate this review. 

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