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Brand Partnerships with Family is Familia


If you’re looking to work with a Latina Blogger or interested in a partnership/ambassadorship with Family is Familia, please contact me at liz@familyisfamilia.com.

These are the fabulous blogging networks we work with!




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POPSUGAR Select Moms



I have served as an ambassador to many companies throughout my 8+ years as a blogger.  Nestle, Fisher Price, Neutrogena and Johnson’s Baby are just to name a few.  I’ve also had many partnerships with national retail stores, movie studios, many branches within the travel industry, automobile companies, theme parks, local and national restaurants, beauty products and world-renowned resorts in Mexico.

I am based out of Southern California and a proud Orange County Latina Blogger. For event coverage in and around Orange County (and sometimes Los Angeles) press inquiries, brand work, and travel opportunities, send a message to liz@familyisfamilia.com.

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