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Disney! Tips, Trips and More!

Strollers and Toddlers

If you are a regular visitor to any amusement park, and you have gone time and time again with a stroller, I will be the first to tell you that hauling a stroller (yes, even the lightweight ones) can be a big pain. During one trip to Disneyland, I made…

Disney! Tips, Trips and More!

Introducing~ Disney Infinity

If you thought the magic of Disney is solely contained to the parks or movies, I want to introduce you to Disney Infinity. Disney Interactive is the gaming side to Disney. We’ve all seen the Disney games available at stores or in the App store.  My kids have…

Disney! Tips, Trips and More!

Happy First Christmas, Cars Land!

Cars Land is celebrating its first Christmas at Disneyland Resort.  The 7 month old “world” is going all out with Christmas decor, funky Christmas trees and holiday cheer. Mater is a whole lot merrier. Lightning McQueen is speeding into the holidays and is ready for your close up and Radiator…