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What Makes Me Smile

As a mom, having the kids around is both fun and satisfying.  It can also be a pain in the butt! These past few weeks, during the winter break, all three kids were sick and I was alone.  Alone in the sense that my husband was working. A lot!  Since…

Featured Post, The Mamihood

Brother and Sister Conversations

Have you ever listened to how your little ones converse? I think it’s the most awesome thing to hear.  As an adult, it’s humorous how serious they sound.What’s even scarier is when they sometimes sound like you! I’ve caught my daughter using phrases that I…

Featured Post, Growing up Latina

Growing up with Culture

I’ve often wondered which race/culture my kids would identify with the most.  When asked about their nationality, I was always eager to find out what they would say.  Obviously with my teen is older so I’ve had the opportunity to see what he says and does.  According…

Featured Post, Growing up Latina

Just Google it!

**Spanglish post**On Sunday we had a Carne Azada/B-day party for my son. It’s his birthday tomorrow. 11 years! For those of you who are Latinos, you know what this means. Get together, eat, talk, laugh, and then we eat some more! Por eso estamos, como estamos…