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Driving into 2018 with Style~ Toyota Style

Now that the holidays are over and the routine of life has begun with the new year, it’s time to start thinking about goals and how 2018 is going to shape up. I have several goals for my familia. I won’t share them here, but one goal will…


Halloween Movie Night with Movies Anywhere

Halloween is tomorrow and guess what, SoCal!!?!?! We have rain in the forecast! Now normally I would be happy about this, but… and there is a big BUT here… it is Halloween. And I didn’t know if your kids are like my kids, but they wait the entire year…


Road Trips and Day Trips with the Mitsubishi Outlander GT

There was a commercial not too long ago, where a couple would see different scenarios with different families and they would look at each other and say “We will never be like that!” Do you know what I’m talking about? My husband and I have done that. Little did…


The Art of Persuasion and Netflix

Nifty title, huh?The art of persuasion comes in handy when you’re a parent. Even if you don’t know how to do it, it will come naturally. The kids and I have been dancing the fine dance of I’ll do this, if you do that for a…


Moms Will Sneak Off and Netflix!

We’re right smack in the middle of summer and if the kids are running a muck in your home, I totally understand. It’s these lazy dog days of summer that are the hardest for us. It’s during this time that my kids are tired of everything. They…


My Story about Bell’s Palsy

This post was published in August of 2010. Since Bell’s Palsy is in the news, I thought I’d share my experience with what can be a scary episode….This month marks the 2 year anniversary of  the strangest thing that has happened to me.  I’ve had my…

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Should I Let My Child Watch 13 Reasons Why?

Okay, where should I begin? First of all, let me just say that this post is riddled with spoilers and it’s SUPER LONG! If you have not watched the show, and you are a parent, I suggest that you find yourself some time to watch the show in its…


The 2017 Genesis G80: Let’s Go on a California Road Trip!

This is not a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We were sent a Genesis G80 to test drive for 1 week to facilitate this review. As you can tell, we love going on road trips. It’s the perfect family weekend getaway to basically anywhere you…