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Being Prepared for School with LeapFrog!

We are just one month into the school year and the kids are loving 3rd and 5th grade! The each have set their own goals as to what they hope to accomplish this year. They have great teachers that will motivate them and encourage them to do their best.  These…


What was my Shelfie? Once Upon a Time on Netflix!

Having Netflix at the ready can help when the kids want to watch something other than TV. It’s at the ready for when my husband gets home and just wants to kick back, on the couch and watch his shows. For me, I love watching my favorite movies and…


Every Drop Counts When There’s a Drought!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® EveryDrop™.I live in Southern California. Drought-stricken, save your water or pay fines, water on this day, not that day, Southern California.  The struggle, my friends is very, very real.  We are right smack in the middle…


Guardian Bikes: The Perfect Bike!

 Did you have a bike growing up? I did. Several, actually. I loved riding my bikes. In my childhood home, we had a long driveway that was on a hill. My brother was the one who taught me how to ride a bike. Wanna know how he taught me…


Easy-Peasy Peas and Turkey Pasta!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Foster Farms All Natural SlicedOne recipe that I love to make, well let me correct that, that my kids love it when I make, is pasta. They can sit and eat a whole bowl of pasta, on their…


Road Trips are for Making Amazing Family Memories

1 week ago today, we took a family road trip. We haven’t been on vacation in a long time. We had a little money saved up, so as a last hurrah, we packed the kids up and off we went.  About a month ago, I had the idea that…