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When they give up. My Struggles and Homeschooling Victory Update!

Update:We are 1 semester away from having a high school graduate. As a mom of this particular teenager, I am cautiously breathing a sigh of relief.  This past semester, my son got a B in econ. What?  Econ???This is definitely my homeschooling victory!He really liked the class…


TurboTax Absolute Zero 2016 Season is here!

 Tax season. It’s either YAY, it’s tax season or UGH, it’s tax season. Tax season has always brought us great joy. It’s our “Christmas.”  Two years ago, we had the great privilege of finding a great tax guy, here in our city.  He’s helped…


Family Adventures with Netflix

 2016 is set to be a year of family adventures for us. Last year, I made it a point to have family “get togethers” once a year, and guess what? We did it! Every month I made sure to make the time (and food) for my familia. We made…


Should You Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Yes.Go with your husband. Go with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Go with your bffs. Go with anybody. Heck, go by yourself! This is coming from a girl who has never seen any of the Star Wars movies.That’s right I have never seen any of the Star Wars…


Christmas Shopping: The LeapFrog LeapTV

10 shopping days. This is it, parents. The Christmas holidays shopping season is down to 10 shopping days. Time to brave the crowds!  Pack up everybody in the car, head on over to your favorite shopping destination, and get your shopping on. For kids, the Christmas season is a time…


Tis the season for some Netflix!

If you have family coming over for the holidays, you have to make sure you have the everything set. From food and gifts to entertainment galore.  Nothing is worse than a bored guest. Especially if they have kids who are bored too! Netflix has been a lifesaver when it comes…