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Little Pim for your Little Linguist!

When I found out I was pregnant with my fist child I was determined for him or her to be bilingual.   One thing I always did was sit in font of the TV and listen to the news in tagalog. Yes, on the Filipino channel.  I, of course, couldn’t…


Eat your greens, niños!

There are some kids that need an extra push to finish or even try to eat a salad.   I have a rare gem in my home.  My kids like to eat salads.   Even though the salad is just plain lettuce and dressing, they gobble the whole thing down.  I just…


And they’re off! Back to School with Mabel’s Labels!

Backpacks? Check!  Pencils? Check! Binders? Check!  It’s the eve of back to school 2012 here in my home.  The kids are asleep and I am anxiously awaiting the morning.  I have a feeling that the hustle and bustle of the morning is about to hit us like a brick…


Where Do I Start?

My teen started high school today.  I am truly happy for him. He is attending a non-traditional high school that will require him to attend class at a school site once a week and the rest is online.  The classes seem promising and I see a little excitement in…


It’s official! Homeschooling, here we come!

Last week my son officially became a homeschooling student.  This is one curve ball that I did not see coming.My son had been struggling in school.  A lot.  This past school year, 8th grade, was the tip of the iceberg.  I tried to help my son as much as…


How cute is the Pocoyo app?

Very cute!The Pocoyo app is literally the icing on the cake for my little ones.  Pocoyo has been an all time favorite for me.  Why?  I’ve caught my kids, many times, watching Pocoyo on YouTube AND in Spanish.They are huge fans of the Pocoyo YouTube channel and…