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Let's Eat!

It’s all about the chocolate at Disney California Adventure!

Chocolate.  It’s a word that can send a tingling sensation on your taste buds before you even have the chocolate in your hands.  Quick poll:  What is your favorite kind of chocolate?  Mine is Milk Chocolate.(My mouth just watered)Ghirardelli’s chocolate is the ultimate delicacy that I…

Latina Mom Blogging

Coffee Facts with Don Francisco’s Coffee

Coffee.  Come people need it, others can go with out it.  My husband and I are big time coffee drinkers.  I only drink it in the morning and at times at night when I need to be awake for a while.  My husband, on the other hand, can drink it…


Room to Bloom with Fisher Price

All this baby talk around here, is making me baby envious! I didn’t have all the fun gadgets and trinkets that all you soon to be moms have now!  When I was pregnant for the first time, I went crazy with my nursery.  And back then, it only consisted…

Latina Mom Blogging

I’m on MamásLatinas!

  I want to announce to you that I have been selected to write on one of  MamásLatinas sub-groups called Vacaciones & Travel.  I am really excited to be working alongside  MamásLatinas and I have written my first post in a series that will lead up to…