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Let's Eat!

Delicious Pineapple Season at Islands Restaurants

I am one of those freaks you see on memes about putting pineapple on everything. I love pineapple.  It’s one fruit that basically goes with anything and everything. One of my biggest wishes is to visit a pineapple farm. Crazy, huh?  I just think it’s the ultimate vacation…

Let's Eat!

Summertime Specials at Islands Burgers!

There’s something special about a restaurant that specializes in burgers. And not just slap some meat on a bun and that’s it, I’m talking about yummy, delicious, melt in your mouth burgers. We have been a fan of Islands for a very long time.As a matter…

Let's Eat!

Big Game Food at Farrell’s

Big game equals big food, right? The big football game is just around the corner and if you live in a go big or go home state of mind, Farrell’s is right there with you. When planning for a football game get together,  what’s usually on the menu…