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Turbo: Fast Activity Sheets for Kids

My kids loved Turbo. Even my teen son!  Since he’s into cars, he was all into the high-flying action of cars, races and speedways. I liked it too. Especially that the owner of Turbo was Latino.  If you haven’t seen the movie, just know that we give…


Movie Night with Netflix

The kids are back in school and now it’s time for the whole familia to fall-back into a routine. Since the beginning of august, I’ve been re-establishing an early bedtime routine so that my kids would get used to sleeping early.  As we head into our…


Teach Kindness and Acceptance with Netflix

My kids go back to school in about 4 weeks.  In three weeks, we find out who’s in what class.  Along with finding out who their new teacher will be, we also get to see if they have friends from the past in their new class. It’s both…


School’s in Session this Summer on Netflix

Sure kids are out of school for the summer and it’s all fun until we have to start think about going back to school and actually learning stuff. Yikes!  Keep the summer bug from invading your child’s brain with a change in movie night!Instead of watching the…


It’s all about ME time and Netflix

It’s 10:00pm and I’m half way done with my work online.  The kids are in bed and my husband is fast asleep. This is the time that I consider sacred. Why?  Because it’s my time.What is my time?Grey’s Anatomy.  For those of you…


A Blast from the Past on Netflix (Giveaway)

Giveaway Closed: Winner is Cori W. My kids hate when I start to watch an old movie or TV show when they’re home. I hear them complaining and grumbling about how I watch “my” shows and they “have” to sit through them as I watch and enjoy. And just…


Using Netflix to Fuel the Love for Science!

Do you have a budding scientist at home?  I currently have my two sons trying to conquer high school science and elementary science.  They both have had a liking for this subject in school, but it seems to lose steam as they enter the technical terms and leave behind the…


Create Magical Memories with Disney and Netflix {Giveaway}

Giveaway closed: Winners are Danielle D., Pat B. and Kenny F.Disney is synonymous with creating magical memories.  I’ve experienced these magical memories, time and time again.  With each visit to the parks, comes a magical moment that I will never forget.  Yes, even in my ripe old age…