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Let's Eat!

Tempo Urban Kitchen: A Culinary Wonderworld

 There are very few places that this blog has taken me that I absolutely love. Okay, I admit, it mostly restaurants.  But, hey! We all like to eat out once in a while, right? Last week, as a member of the Gigasavvy Social Club, we were treated to a…

Let's Eat!

Local Eats: El Amerikano in Fullerton, Ca

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to check out in OC, you must take a trip up to north county to a fun college-town, Fullerton. I live close to Fullerton and there are times when I envy the cool, hip and delicious places to eat off of…

Local Adventures

Scary Coupons for Farrell’s!

We are ready for Halloween. We’ve got our costumes and buckets ready to be filled with candy. Are you?  Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant is ready for Halloween too!  They actually want you to see how ready they are for Halloween by offering these scary coupons for…