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Super Easy 3 Ingredient Barilla Pasta Meal!

This is a sponsored postThere’s no feeling in the world that compares to not knowing what to cook for either lunch or dinner. It seems I always have 3 hungry kids at home and it’s never easy to come home from work and not know what to…


LeapStart Interactive Learning System from LeapFrog

 When my kids were about to start school, I wanted them prepared for everything that would come their way. I wanted them to excel in math, reading, writing and so much more. I thought I was prepared. I thought I was buying all the right gear that would give…


Empowering Kids and Communities through Fuel Up to Play 60

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with National Dairy Council Fuel Up To Play 60 en español and Latina Bloggers Connect.My kids love being outside. If it were up to them, they would play outside with their skateboards or scooters, day and night. My little vagabundos would…


Being Prepared for School with LeapFrog!

We are just one month into the school year and the kids are loving 3rd and 5th grade! The each have set their own goals as to what they hope to accomplish this year. They have great teachers that will motivate them and encourage them to do their best.  These…

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Flexible Summer Program for Kids #BrainChase

This is a sponsored post with Brain Chase through The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Summer is here! For those familias who already have kids on vacation, CONGRATS! You made it another year! We still have 12 days left of school. The kids are anxious because they…


Brain Chase: The Perfect At-home Solution for Summer Boredom

This is a sponsored post with Brain Chase through The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Summer Boredom. Can you believe us moms have to start thinking about this? Summer vacation is making its way towards us and if you don’t have anything planned as of yet…


Use Kidecals to Keep School Stuff Organized

Three weeks into the school year and stuff is scattered EVERYWHERE. And the worse this is that I tend to buy the little ones’ school stuff separate. Different colors, different patterns- everything has to be different with these two because they fight over the silliest stuff! Well, I tried my…