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The Holidays and what is Binge-worthy on Netflix #StreamTeam

 Ok, so the past few weeks have been such a blur. Especially this past week.  And with Christmas this Saturday, oh man! Talk about the speed of light! Even though there are plenty of rush wrapping sessions and trips to the mall, late at night is when I find…


Adventures, Dragons and Netflix, Oh My! #StreamTeam

How’s summer vacation? Are the kids enjoying it? My kids just finished a week of VBS fun and we  are going to spend the rest of the week swimming.  When we don’t have anything to do, we sort of veg in front of the TV and watch shows…


Celebrating Mini Milestones with Netflix

For the past 4 days, I’ve been home with my daughter celebrating a milestone. It’s a certain milestone that I wish didn’t happen.  See, we can accept milestones for what they are or celebrate them for what they really are. Let me explain.  My daughter injured her…


Should I Take My Kids to See Walking with Dinosaurs?

My kids and I went to see Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular and let me start by saying that you need to buy tickets. Here’s the site where you can see if this show is coming to a location near you. Why should you buy tickets?  Why should…