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Let's Eat!

Oscar Mayer Spaghetti Pasta Recipe

There’s one thing my family loves to eat, and that’s noodles. Whether it be an Asian version or the Italian version, my kids can sit and eat until there’s no more pasta or noodles. Are your kids the same way?  Check out this delicious Oscar Mayer meal…

Let's Eat!

Princess Goldfish Crackers for Your Princess

Summer isn’t over for another month, and even though some of your kids are have gone back to school, the weekend is the perfect time to get back into summer mode.  If you have a little princess at home, one of the most famous crackers in my home, Pepperidge…

Let's Eat!

10 Energy Boosting Snacks for Summer

Looking for healthy snacks for summer that all of you can enjoy?  How about delicious “hold them over until dinner” munchies for you and the kids? To help satisfy the craving, the culinary team at Chef Works, leading suppliers of chef apparel and accessories to professionals and home cooks alike…